Light A Candle For Danny Pearl by

Stanley (Stan) Bronson is the composer and lead singer on the song "Light A Candle For Danny Pearl" which he wrote in 2002, just after Daniel's tragic passing. Mariane's tearful plea for her unborn son's father's life, and the pleas of Dr. & Mrs. Pearl, and other family members and friends, broke my heart. At that time I wanted to record the song, with the hope and prayer that it might offer a measure of comfort to the Pearl family and friends. But, unfortunately, circumstances at that time did not allow.

We are a group composed primarily of Sr. Citizen professional musicians and singers who came together for the purpose of producing this tribute song to Daniel.Afterward, I wrote some other songs, based on the events of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, so we were eventually able to complete an album of ten songs.

We have named our band for this project "AmericanApple.Com". Producer Billy Williams has won several Grammy Awards, and many nominations, as producer for popular singer Lyle Lovett and other recording artists. Our work together spans a 41 year history. Billy and I, as well as others from the group are also US Army veterans from the 50's and 60's. Other singers and musicians, including several grandchildren, also appear on our album.

There was a young man long ago
Who taught of peace and love
But they bound him and condemned him
Then they spilled His precious blood

Another boy was hoping
To make a better world
But the kidnapped and accused him
And took the life of Danny Pearl

Blessed are the peacemakers
The children of God
Light your candle
And light the world

Blessed are the merciful
For mercy shall be yours
Light a Candle
For Danny Pearl

A Mother stood by weeping
Pleading for her son
But her sorrows fell on hardened hearts
Still the evil deed was done

Another woman begged in tears
Before the eyes of all the world
For her unborn son’s father’s life
Light a Candle for Mary Ann Pearl

Blessed are the pure in heart
For you shall see God
Light your candle
And light the world

Blessed are you who mourn
For comfort shall be yours
Light a Candle
For Danny Pearl