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Moving Picture Show
Hometown: Los Angeles
Web site:
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As many great stories do, the tale of Moving Picture Show began with a solitary want ad in a Los Angeles paper. "Guitar Player Wanted”, it read. That little ad proved to be the catalyst that put Matt Kap in a room one day with Amy Oliver and Jeremy Nesse. And with a few half-forgotten prayers from Sunday school, a handful of sweaty rehearsals, and some slyly won eBay auctions of rusty marching band instruments, Moving Picture Show was born, as if sprung from the heart of the City of Angels herself.

In these cynical days, there are precious few tricks that will rouse the butterflies in your stomach, but this savvy band of indie rock upstarts knows at least a handful. During tracks like “The Boy Who Lives Backwards” frontman Matt Kap floats his Bowie-meets-Byrne baritone in catchy couplets, and dispenses guitar riffs like shotgun blasts or liquid caresses, depending on whether you were naughty or nice this year. Amy Oliver is the girl-next-door keyboard prodigy, with an arsenal of buzz saw New Wave electronics and fevered vocal harmonies. Jeremy Nesse, ever the hunter-gatherer, dominates the bottom end—via pluck and/or slap. On “Saturday Night” his throaty bass grooves will throb in time with your dance-addled blood vessels. And Scott Aguero is a human blitzkrieg who doesn't so much play the drums as make them cry for mom.

Moving Picture Show is a school bus sing-a-long if the Police, Peter Gabriel, Danny Elfman and the Cars were all in first grade together. Their songs fuse the peach fuzz sounds of the early 80s with modern dance rock energy, but don't lump Moving Picture Show in with all the four-on-the-floor revisionists making the rounds these days. Or better yet do, and then cough/sputter/exhale from the band's sober understanding of what makes a song memorable—lyrics that might help you remember your past lives and melodies coated with cranial krazy glue so they stick in your head (in the best way possible of course).

Moving Picture Show's mission is simple: to make you spasm, shout and drop your jaw with their songs, spirit and fierce joy that could make your heart pound a little harder. Moving Picture Show. Take as directed.

Moving Picture Show
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