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Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Web site:
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Dubbed as the Philippines's “Soul Child”, Julianne is set to take the music scene by storm with her different brand of music. A breath of fresh air amidst all the hype of bands and bossa she is said to be the artist that will fill the void and set a new trend in Philippine music. Julianne is not your usual songstress. Her far-from-typical groove and charisma never cease to wow her audience. She is a talented singer, a great composer and a gifted guitarist rolled into one. Unlike other new artists, Julianne doesn't want to put any tag to her music. "My music is me, It's alive, and something that evolves the same way I'm growing as a person."Julianne couldn't be more honest when she described herself as a transparent person. "What you see is what you get," she confided. Baring one’s soul is but a trite description of any performer but in Juliannes’ case, it essentially captures her moments onstage.

Julianne has definitely come a long way from the little girl who used to record her voice using a recorder. “I had my own microphone and recorder when I was a kid,” the 25-year-old recalls her years as a three-year-old. “And I would make up my own songs which were all really gibberish.” Growing up to the tunes of the Beatles, James Taylor, she developed an interest with the guitar when she was nine years old and with the guidance of her father, who she says was her first musical influence. Being a guitarist/singer/songwriter himself. Her mom sings too. “They [my parents] used to be in a singing group before, back in the 70’s. My brothers are both great guitar players as well.” Music sure does run in the blood of her family and playing good music is something that comes naturally to them. “We would often spend late nights jamming rather than watching Television.” She quickly familiarized herself with the popular six-string instrument at the age of 9, wrote her first song at the age of 16, inspired by the artist JEWEL. “Her songs encouraged me that it was ok to be yourself and just put it out there”.

Growing up, music became a way of life and Julianne's enthusiasm led her to other genres. "I then discovered India Arie, Incognito, Jill Scott, and other amazing jazz/soul/folk artists. It has been a continuous introduction to different kinds of music even until now. I always find something new to listen to every so often. I don’t really tend to lean solely on one genre.” Her music is a mix of different musical genres and influences; a hybrid of acoustic pop, folk, jazz and soul.

MCA Universal was at that time looking for a local artist. So after hearing her tape, Executive Producer Ricky Ilacad watched one of her gigs, met with them a day later, and laid out his intentions. And as a result of that healthy collaboration, she released her debut album, “Grateful”. She bares her soul in every song. The album has 11 tracks: Let it Rain, Empty Chairs, Healing, Unsaid, Thank you, Choose to Believe, Queen and Me, Grateful, and the album's carrier song Tulak ng Bibig. Her debut album, and in a matter of months, has moved on to even greater heights such as getting frequent airplay on the local radio stations, playing before thousands in the MTV Summit and MYX concerts, being an endorser for JB Music and OVATION GUITARS, and bagging 7 nominations in the upcoming 2008 Awit Awards.

Things are definitely a bloom for the young soul artist. In fact, her future plans hold as much promise as she does. “Every artist will say they want to make it internationally. I have my heart set on that too. But I will be brave on saying that I want to be able to go out there with the right intentions. With a mind and heart set to give music that is not only quality but also something that will speak mightily. One soul to another. I know this is what I was born to do. And I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I know and have experienced that music is and will always be a universal language. My desire for the music that I make is for it to touch people, no matter what age, no matter what race. I want to take it as far as it will go. All I need is a listening ear and an open heart. “

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