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Jack Mantis Band
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Web site:
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“Based around lead singer/graffiti artist Jack Mantis and Jimi Curve’s smooth bass tones, The Jack Mantis band has evolved and moulded, and is finally taking shape. We were blown away by the booming, sublime and varied act. This is a three-piece in the rising… Jack and bassist Jimi Curve have long been in each other’s lives, performing in various projects in and around Cape Town. With the inclusion of drummer Devin Jones, the threesome is complete.
Jack’s masterful, ‘Adam Duritz‘ way with lyrics, his booming voice and love of guitar suggest that the band is all acoustic with backup from the drums and bass. However, the acoustic element is a mere base for the band to explore greater genres, sub-cultures and influences. One cannot rule out Jimi’s influence on the band as Jack uses him to play off and explore some incredibly varied and lyrical tunes.
It is clear that Jack uses his earlier experiences as a graffiti artist in his lyrics as he explores themes that are all important to everyone. Peace, love and politics. In fact, his lyrics and the bands interpretation are just as varied as the genres they explore; acoustic, soulful jazz, soft rock, reggae and some hard hitting rock. Vocal range? Exquisite.
The band keeps a magical tone, creating a stage experience that will shake an audience to its core. You will truly enjoy the way both the passive sit-down listener and the jammer both bob their heads. So be careful, The Jack Mantis Band will shake you like a can of paint”

…Dean Horwitz, Overtone

Jack Mantis was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and started his music career being classically trained as a pianist. Jack enrolled at the Beau Soliel school of music at the age of 13 to study orchestra percussion, marimba and xylophone. Shortly thereafter he discovered his first guitar, which began an almost two decade passion that resonates within his music today. Having traveled extensively Jack has had the privilege to study under Malian djembe player Sidi Sangara and world renown Didgeridu master Alan Dargin. Jack is also a standing forerunner in the South African grafitti movement, working on a global grafitti documentary...'Painter for Life.' ( ) with german grafitti legend Seemsoe. Jack is currently in studio with the band working on their debut album 'Circumstance of Events' to be released summer of 2008. He is also working on his self funded, recorded, produced and much awaited solo project 'Obscurity' to be released later this year. This is Jacks third and fourth album consecutively, working previously with Adam Lindberg AKA Buddhadda on the Hip Hop project, 'Stigmata' with album releases, 'Free Flight Coalition, (1998) and Urban Ledgends. (2001)

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Jack Mantis Band
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