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Wanayran -Wanny Angerer
Hometown: Honduras - Nairobi, Kenya
Web site:
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Wanayran -Wanny was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America in 1965, she began singing as a professional musician in 1989.

Based in Nairobi Kenya since January 2014 she is de director of a social movement "Moving Cultures" she is supporting Faraja Cancer Support Trust, Nest Home in Limuro, Magoso School in Kibera, Kariobangi Women Training center and The Spanish Speaking Association. Offering Music and dance therapy sessions, cultural & artistic assessment and promotion of their institution worldwide .

Her style is mould in the Bossa Nova, Romantic Ballads, Boleros,Jazz & Latin American sound’s. With dynamic & true voice Wanny sings of love, life, loss & celebration.

Her artistic career has spanned many years & many parts of the world....

Honduras: Music group /Tegucigalpa “Verde & Profundo” 1989 -1996 , performing original material/protection of the environment songs & latin-jazz repertoire.

Zimbabwe: Music groups/Harare “Diaspora” Afro–latin –Jazz & “Uya Moya” Traditional Zimbabwean music & poetry…. 1997 to 2001
Participated in 3 international Jazz Festival in Harare/Zimbabwe. (1998,1999 & 2000)
Harare International Festival of the arts (HIFA) year 2000

Colombia: Music groups/Bogota “Bolero Jazz” & “Tambores que cantan”. Paricipated in the Festival Iberoamericano de teatro 2006 in Bogota.

India : New Delhi “ Wanny Angerer Trio” & “Sounds like Sol” 2007 to Mid 2010

Panama: Wanny Angerer Trio from Mid 2010 till Jan. 2014.

Kenya: Wanny Angerer from Jan. 2014

She has had the privilege of living and performing in many countries across the world also performed with several musician & bands in Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America & USA.

She performed in Several festivals around the world. HIFA (Harare Festival of the arts), 3 Jazz Festivals in Zimbabwe, 1 Jazz festival in Honduras, 4 Jazz Festivals in India, 1 jazz Festival in Nepal (Jazzmandu), 1 Jazz Festival in Panama. 2 Cultural Festivals in Costa Rica to mention a few.

Wanny is involved in number of advocacy projects including the use of music and arts as a means of developing self-esteem in the audiences she approach.

She is also a very active member of culture & development programs & organizations in her home country & host countries (Honduras, Zimbabwe, India, Colombia , Panama y Kenya) as follow a few to mention AFS intercultural Programs, Women in Arts Honduras, Women in Culture in Southern Africa, SHARE (showing how the arts rejuvenate and enlighten project) in Zimbabwe, Fundacion Formemos,Fundacion niños de los Andes, Fundacion Hogar Nueva Granada (Colombia), In Panama Director of "Colectivo Voces, figuras y ritmos" “Sanando Cantando Boleros”, Make a Wish Panama, Whos`s New in Panama, InterNations Panama.

Wanny is a mystic,artisan,world traveler, mother of two,Internacional women`s right advocate and a talented singer.

She stands as a good example and inspiration for young women musicians.


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Wanayran -Wanny Angerer
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