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Danny Hamilton
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Web site:
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If you haven’t heard of Danny Hamilton, perhaps it’s because, in theory, he shouldn’t exist! A regular, normal, nice guy who proves that it’s possible to have some pretty messed up stuff go on in your life and still remain a positive, calm, peaceful, kind-hearted human being. He’s a little crazy, a little goofy, not all that interested in image or appearances, but damn can this boy write a catchy song and get a crowd on its feet with his Delta blues-inspired roots rock and infectious vocals!

Blending hand percussion, funky bass lines, soulful harmonies, whaling harmonicas, and even tribal chants, Hamilton’s fourth independent release, Where Do I Fit In, is receiving indie and college radio airplay all over the country. The press is all over his live shows, and Music Connection Magazine hails, “Packed with energy…this SoCal act is highly entertaining and has a promising future!”

Born and raised in Torrance, California, Danny Hamilton was just a regular kid with a talent for drawing and painting, until he was hit head-on by a truck at age fourteen and was told that he may never walk again. While stuck in a wheelchair, Hamilton picked up a guitar and taught himself to play. He attended his 8th grade graduation in that wheelchair, and to the disbelief of family and doctors, showed up on the first day of high school walking on his own, only three months later! There he discovered classic rock and soon started writing his own music; mostly love songs to impress the girls. A few years later, a second tragedy hit Hamilton when his mother was tragically killed. It was this event that sparked the songs heard on Hamilton’s first album, Motherless Child, which he recorded at home at age 18. His second self-recorded album, Believe, is a sort of diary of the events that followed as Hamilton grieved and healed. His third album, an acoustic collection simply titled, Acoustic, has overtones of moving on and acceptance of his role and responsibility as an artist and songwriter. His latest release, Where Do I Fit In, is a celebration of life, being grateful for all of its experiences and blessings, and recognizing and appreciating all of the beauty in the world.

Nominated twice for "Male Singer Songwriter of the Year" and "Indie Album of the Year” by the Los Angeles Music Awards and for "Best Acoustic Artist” by the South Bay Music Awards, Hamilton has earned a coveted spot on Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list. Danny and his band had a featured spot at the 2006 Inkslinger's Ball at Anaheim Stadium, and has rocked audiences at South By Southwest and numerous art & music festivals all over Southern California.

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Danny Hamilton
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