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The Rhythm Junks
Hometown: Ghent, BELGIUM
Web site:
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The Rhythms Junks started out with a bang at the Big Bang concert of Radio 1 in Ghent (Belgium). Out of this amusing project, by harmonicaman Steven De bruyn and big band drummer Tony Gyselinck, a tight band with a unique sound has grown. Their debut album ‘Virus B-23’ (2004) was produced by Jo Bogaert (Technotronic, Gabriel Rios). The band has blown out an impressive list of memorable concerts at North Sea Jazz (NL-05/07), Blue Note Festival (B-07), World Harmonica Festival (D-05), Dour Festival (B-07) and JZ International Jazz Festival Shanghai (CN-08). Steven De bruyn has been awarded "Best Musician" at the Zamu-Awards 2004 (Belgian Singers and Musicians). This roots group exchanged its guitarist for a wind section. With the best drummer since Animal (Muppet Show). The bastard son of Toots plays the front. Fun and funk. Punk and power. Meet an exceptionally extraordinary band. Meet The Rhythm Junks.

It's all about the structure. The Rhythm Junks is the hybrid of the master orchestras. A roots group that exchanged its guitarist for a wind section. A beatnik big band with its harmonica player as a conductor. The ideal band for Tom Waits' golden wedding. The engine runs on bass, drums and a mouth organ. The guitar is not a great loss. It is compensated by the wind section and allows room for the mouth organ.

It's all about the musicians. The Rhythm Junks is a collection of go-getters and adventurers. Their signs include Taurus, Cancer and Aries. Saxophone player Peter Verdonck doesn't shy away from gigging in a heavy metal band. Nestor-drummer-tussler Tony Gyselinck has played together with the BRT Big Band and in the orchestra of clown Popov. Trumpet player Marie-Anne Standaert secretly attended the conservatory during her secondary education. Nobody had a clue. Horn-arranger Walter Baeken writes scores for Russian silent movies in his free time. Bass player Jasper Hautekiet spent five years listening to The Beatles only. He is the Benjamin by far; however, he's the man that takes the plunge. Natural born leader Steven De bruyn has the clearest perception and yet the least technical baggage. He started his music career at the age of 22, which perchance explains the uniqueness of his mouth.

It's also about the latest album ‘Pop Off’ (2007). The Rhythm Junks is no longer a project now, but a band.

It's all about ambition. The Rhythm Junks would like to be an exclusive band you can go see and hear everywhere. On all stages, on all radio networks, in every country. The schizophrenic feature between Provo and popular is characteristic of artists and in particular of the best Belgians in general. This gene is what Arno and Front 242 have in common. And the same holds for Toots Thielemans and 2 Many DJ's.

It's all about possibilities. The Rhythm Junks is a band in progress! Under investigation: can wind instruments function as strings? What else can be done other than cutting out the guitar? How about an omnichord? The favourite instrument of American textualists that like listening to religious music at home. Exceptionally extraordinary, extraordinarily exceptional and all varieties of which... -

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The Rhythm Junks
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