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Hayden Hack
Hometown: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Web site:
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Who I am.

My Music career started, well… in the womb. Both my parents are musicians my mother, Judy Joubert, amazing jazz singer and entertainer – sung gigs well into my 8th month of life; And my father Robert Hack, kick- ass bass player and acoustic maestro of note was always playing guitar. So I was, quite literally, surrounded by music.

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, I was surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery inhabited by many different cultures, religions and people from all walks of life. This gave me a lot of insight into people and the struggles we all face. It’s very difficult to explain exactly what it’s like growing up in South Africa, in retrospect, I feel so lucky I did.

I started writing, singing and playing guitar at the age of 12, I really loved playing sport at school as well, so I was only about 15 or 16 when I started to take my talent seriously. It was then I realized I wanted to play music for the rest of my days! I had a lot of support back home from my father, friends and fellow musos, playing a few gigs at our local pub with school friend Haydn Gardiner until I left for the UK to follow my dream at the age of 18.

I busked and gigged all through London, surviving on only that for quite a while, until I headed north to Newcastle upon Tyne, where I settled for about 3 years. Nothing much really happened musically for me there, so I decided to venture “down under” on a round-the-world ticket. Which a good friend of mine, Shane Killingback, pretty much paid for. He had the bucks, I had the busk.So thanks again Shane, you ROCK.!!


I ended up in Melbourne, found the love of my life, the beautiful soul who decided to pick us as her parents, and some of the best friends I have ever made. The rest of the world could wait.
Cultural diversity and lots of music, similar to home…supported band such as SIB and THE PHOEBE JACOBS BAND with MATT KELLY of MATT KELLY AND THE KEEPERS, ROBIN AULD and the lovely ladies of CATS RANSOM

Having just finished a round Australia tour , in a van, with my two most precious ladies, my beautiful wife Ketakii (photographer, mother and pure inspiration) and our baby girl Lalita Illaria Hack,I had the opportunity to play on ABC radio Kimberly in Broome, on the West coast and had a great response to my music, which I feel, helped me connect more to this land and in turn, my home land.

They are both such powerful continents.

This is an amazing land with which we live and should never take that for granted. Keep it real, keep the peace, spread the love, feel the music and all shall be well.

I have met so many inspirational people, so many spiritual people here.
I truly found myself here.
I have expanded my mind and my music.
I hope I can reach many souls with my messages.

Peace , love and our guide...

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Hayden Hack
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