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Last November
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Web site:
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With a diverse brew of quirky yet memorable pop rock music accompanied by honest and thought provoking lyrics, Last November has an ever-growing internet presence, coupled with word of mouth buzz from devoted fans, that is quickly pushing this young Atlanta-based band to true heights.

Lead singer and guitarist Luke Pilgrim began performing at the early age of eleven, and quickly began honing his songwriting skills. By the age of fifteen, he had completed writing, recording, and producing what would become Last November’s debut album, “All the Gory Details.” It was released independently in 2005, then picked up by Southern Track Records, an independent label founded by legendary music publisher Bill Lowery, in 2006. “All the Gory Details” was welcomed in the music industry with open arms, receiving rave reviews, garnering multi-formatted airplay on over 200 national radio stations, and features on television on shows such as MTV’s “The Real World.”

Pilgrim and Last November headed back into the studio in 2007 to write and record their sophomore album for Southern Tracks Records, “Over the Top or Under the Weather.” Recorded and mixed at the renowned Southern Tracks Studio in Atlanta, (home to such artists as Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Train, The Bravery, and Bruce Springsteen), “Over the Top or Under the Weather” had some heavy-hitting names behind it. Pilgrim’s talents flourished under the guidance of platinum-selling producer Steven Haigler (Brand New, Fuel, Oleander, Pixies, As Tall as Lions) and mastered by Rodney Mills (Butch Walker, Pearl Jam, Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd), as his music matured with intricate melodic vocals, edgy guitar inventions. His experienced songwriting revealed new vulnerability and openness. “When I was in high school, I used to sit around with my friends with acoustic guitars and sing songs from Brand New’s album ‘Deja Entendu,’” says Pilgrim. “Working with Steven Haigler was a pretty surreal experience for me and the guys in the band.”

Released in the spring of 2008, “Over the Top or Under the Weather” proved to be the perfect follow up to Last November’s first album. “The Bumper Sticker Song,” the first single and music video off the album, captured the attention of the band’s impressively growing fan base. “The song is about finding someone who can love you in spite of your flaws, weird hang ups, disorders, and overall neurotic obsessive nature,” shares Pilgrim. “I actually get emails from people asking if I really have A.D.D. or O.C.D. and I usually just tell them, those are only a couple of my many disorders.” Other songs on the album, including “Jesus had Breakfast in Bed,” and “Butter Me Up,” rock the crowd, while “Sunday Afternoon” creates a lush landscape of baroque pop that is both hauntingly catchy, and intelligent.

In 2008, Last November was nominated for a New Music Weekly Award for “New Top 40 Group of the Year.” In 2009 the band went on to secure a spot as one of the top 20 MySpace powerpop bands, and they released their single “Seventeen at Three in the Morning,” a power pop ballad that has been dubbed the “teen anthem of 2009.” Currently Last November is the most requested artist on top Atlanta radio station 99X and is currently receiving airplay on over 100 radio stations nationwide, with numbers growing daily.

With 2010 on the horizon, Last November is a band that cannot be stopped. They have already shared the stage with bands Plain White T’s, Cake, Pink, Train, The Working Title, The Bravery, The Almost, Mute Math, Family Force 5, Interpol, They Might Be Giants, Chris Cornell, and more. Last November is currently wrapping up their 2009 “Summer of 17” Tour which took them on over 25 dates and throughout 9 states in June and July. Up next, they will be embarking on a west coast tour to take place in late 2009.


Luke Pilgrim – Guitar & Vocals
Tyler Ayers – Bass
Taylor Woodruff – Drums & Vocals

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Last November
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