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Aidan O'Brien
Hometown: Belchertown, MA
Web site:
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Aidan O'Brien lives in Belchertown, MA. Along with his passion for music, he loves animals, does great in school, roots for the Celtics, the Red Sox and the Patriots, and plays baseball, soccer, basketball, flag football and squash (the sport). He also eats Frank’s Red Hot sauce by the bottle, has a pretty cool room and a 15 year old sister, Alyssa, who's a big fan of Jack White.

Aidan started taking guitar lessons at the age of seven when his parents noticed him watching the talented guitarists at music festivals for hours at a time, usually from the front row. Since then, with the help of guitar teacher, Jared Quinn of Easthampton, MA, he's been creating some interesting licks of his own. Aidan especially loves improvising on his Takamine acoustic and Fender Telecaster electric guitars and has written almost a dozen instrumentals.

Aidan first played in front of a live audience in 2004 at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival band contest in Silk Hope, NC. Three years later, at the age of 10, he won the same contest at the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in Trumansburg, NY. As a result, he earned an impromptu half hour set in Cabaret Hall, where he impressed listeners with a handful of original songs and covers.

Over the past three years, Aidan has also played on stages at music festivals across the northeast, performing twice with Donna the Buffalo, a roots rock band from Ithaca, NY. Additionally, he has filled in on lead guitar with the Crow Greenspun Band for complete shows at the Great Blue Heron Festival in Sherman, NY in 2007 and the Grassroots Festival in 2009.

Last year, Aidan had the pleasure of playing informally with Richie Stearns of The Horse Flies; and this year, he and Caroline Pond of the Snake Oil Medicine Show treated a small crowd to a camp style jam.

Recently, Aidan began taking traditional finger picking lessons from Erik Alan of The Amity Front, a band from Amherst, MA. And, he also acquired both a banjo and a violin, which he hopes to learn to play “someday”. As Aidan's sister, Alyssa, likes to say, "There's gonna be a lot happening on that day."

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Aidan O'Brien
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