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Kenn Morr
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Though heís lived in rural Colebrook only five short years, he has reached a level of small town comfort and familiarity that few do, due mostly to the local celebrity his roots-based acoustic rock songs have brought him. He ingratiated himself with the locals early on, though not intentionally. He moved to backwoods Connecticut for peace, quiet, seclusion and privacy but found community instead. The good people and unforgettable scenery of this tiny town of fifteen hundred have quietly woven themselves into Kennís rich musical tapestry over the last few years. He became a local hero with his, "Moonlight Meadow Song," the closing number on his second CD, "New Moon Rising," a mix of unplugged Americana, folk, rock, and blues. Kennís gifts to the rest of us are his songs, which push boundaries while recalling a time when the world was a simpler place. His music has a dreamy, simple quality that harkens back to a time when American music and life was less complicated yet just as strongly felt. Bob Dylanís brand of acoustic rock is referenced by Kennís low persuasive tones, and traces of John Mellencamp are recognizable in the songsí heartfelt quality and accessibility. The lyrics address universal themes such as love, fear, cautiousness and curiosity and speak to everyman. Even Kennís newest songs feel like theyíve existed forever and embody the time transcending quality of art that is truly organic. Never are Kennís talents more palpable than in his live show. Often accompanied by his band manning a revolving lineup of instruments including violin, mandolin, organ, banjo and drums, Kenn performs triple duty on guitar, piano & harmonica. An evening spent with Kenn Morr feels intimate no matter what size the venue and he has performed with such kindreds as John Wesley Harding and Aztec Two-Step. The latter are such big fans they recorded a version of Kennís song "Follow The Moon." It isnít just his contemporaries that enjoy Kennís performances either. He and his band were recently nominated "Best New Band" in the Hartford Advocateís live competition the Grand Band Slam, competing against dozens of bands from around Connecticut. Kenn credits Bob Johnston for much of his musical progression. The famed Nashville-based music man is responsible for records by Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, The Byrds, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Cliff, Carl Perkins and Willie Nelson, among others. Kennís songs echo that uncomplicated kindness and the resilience of the human spirit. A master of metaphor, he shines at making broad gestures with the tiniest of phrases and exemplifies that the fewest words and simplest melodies often offer the most sweeping images and emotional resonance.

Kenn Morr
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