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Mikey Wax
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Mikey Wax is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY, who released his debut album "Change Again" in November, 2008. He is a talented pianist who began studying classical music at the age of 8, and quickly became passionate about using the piano as a form of expression through his own songwriting. A heavy player on the keys with quick fingers, Mikey had mastered "Beethoven’s 5th" and Billy Joel’s "Angry Young Man" just years after learning to play. Having composed more than 100 instrumental compositions by his early teens, he recorded his first album at the age of 12 using a home-studio "midi" system. The album was given mostly to close friends and relatives, but was eventually picked up and played on the New York radio station 101.9 FM, a major jazz and instrumental station at the time. 2008 was a great year for the 24-year-old singer/songwriter. Mikey’s song "In Case I go Again" was selected as the winner of The Unsigned Artist radio contest held by WRMF/97.9 FM, a top 40 radio station in South Florida. The contest was judged by over 10,000 voters and several music industry representatives. The same song was selected to Almighty Music’s Emerging Artist Jukebox, which features some of the strongest new music from a few rising artists. In October, Mikey performed in the 2008 CMJ Marathon in New York City. The CMJ Marathon is a well-respected festival in the music industry, and features some of the best up-coming artists from around the world. On November 16th, 2008, Mikey made his debut television performance playing live on the CBS news morning show in Florida. The broadcast reached over 50,000 viewers, and the station was extremely generous in promoting his album on the air for the entire broadcast. On December 1st, 2008, Wax signed a contract with the national booking agency, Supreme Entertainment. The agency represents major acts like Eve 6, Nine Days, Fastball, and Nick Lachey. Mikey has been working closely with them booking a Northeast tour of the U.S. starting in January, 2009. Most recently, Mikey has signed licensing contracts with several television networks, including MTV, E!, and ESPN. Since the release of his debut album this past November, "Change Again" has reached 46 on the iTunes Plus top 100 pop albums charts in the U.S. The album has also charted on the iTunes Plus top 100 pop albums in Canada, Australia, and the UK, each in the first week of January, 2009. This is a very strong debut for a completely independent artist with no label or major management behind him. The album has been continuing to spread through word-of-mouth, live shows, and social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and youtube. 2009 looks to be a great year for the upcoming singer and songwriter. With the release of his debut album and consistent live shows, Mikey Wax is developing loyal fans all over the world.

Mikey Wax
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