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Svjata Vatra
Hometown: Viljandi
Web site:
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Svjata Vatra is an Estonian-Ukrainian folkband.

The musicians themselves call their style „firefolk“. The band’s composition is unique: the temperamental trombone together with the Estonian bagpipes produce amazing sound patterns. Duduk’s deep southern tones bring in more distant melodies and the dialogue with the northern horn sweeps away even the last shadows of cultural barriers. The melancholy accordion balances and ties the wind and percussion instruments (djembe, tarbuka and buhalo) together. This results in fiery non-Nordic masculine energy that cannot but impress everyone.The Estonian and Ukrainian folk songs and tunes have new arrangements, whereas the authors‘ pieces have sprung from personal experiences.

Svjata Vatra is like a sizzling campfire, giving light and warmth yet burning no one.

Ruslan graduated from the Ukrainian National Conservatoire as a trombone player. He has played five years in Ukrainian folk rock band Haydamaky. It was Ruslan who initiated Svjata Vatra and is the leader of the band. He combines his very special charismatic trombone playing style with intense vocals and Georgian duduki, using scythe for rhythm.

Kulno studies accordion in the folk music department in Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy and is an expert in Estonian traditional dances. He also plays The Estonian bagpipes and karmoshka. Kulno is the harmony of the band. There is a melancholy note in even the most passionate pieces…

Juss is a graduate of the Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy’s folk music department, specializing in national wind instruments. Having acquired his M.A. degree in Norway, he now works as a lecturer in Viljandi Culture Academy. Juss plays folk wind instruments – Estonian bagpipes, jew’s harps, whistles, horns etc.

Kalle studies drums and percussion instruments in the jazz music department of Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. In addition to present day jazz, pop & rock music he is also interested in the traditional music of different countries and various musical streams. In Svjata Vatra Kalle plays a West-African djembe which, together with Silver's darbuka, forms the rhythmical foundation and driving force of the band’s music.
In 2006 the band released its first CD „Svjata Vatra“ .

Folk World CD Review by Eelco Schilder
Their second recently released CD "Kalyna" that are even more temperamental and rhythmical than their earlier music. It‘s really good stuff, live drive, amazing music, packaging too - the use of screenprinting is unusual, and it's a strong image :-)

Svjata Vatra ''Kalyna''

Folk World CD Review by Eelco Schilder

Svjata Vatra ''Kalyna'' fRoots november 2008 no.305, 81 p. review by Andrew Cronshaw

(Svjata Vatra 4740156910834)
2008 concerts in Europe: March, 11-13 at FESTIVAL "LES TRANSEUROPEENNES" France

March, 28-29 at Viljandi, opening of Estonian Traditional Music Centr, Estonia

April, 17-18 at Moskva (European Day), Russian Federation

July 26-27 at Viljandi Folk Music Fest, Estonia

August, 2 at Urkult fest, Sweden
November,15 at Estonian Traditional Music Centr Svjata Vatra with Haydamaky

2009 concerts in Europe:

June, 27 at Haapavesi Festival, Finland

July, 09-10 at Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic

July, 24 at Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Estonia

July, 26 at FelSziget Festival, Romania

July, 31 at Swirz World Music Festival, Ukraine

August, 01 at Swirzh World Music Festival, Ukraine

August, 09 at Viru Folk Festival, Estonia

Music, Video, Image and Lyric Samples:

YouTube Videos:

Svjata Vatra
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