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Jessica 6
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Web site:
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Jessica 6 has emerged as something like a phenomena of 2009.

The core trio of Nomi Ruiz as vocalist/songwriter, Andrew Raposo on bass and Morgan Wiley on keyboards met while touring with Hercules and Love Affair in 2008. Their diverse talents coalesced in a sexy sound destined for the dance floor.

Their spooky and mesmerizing first single ‘Fun Girl’ has been buzzing around the internet way ahead of release. It’s soulful and languid low-velocity disco style prompted comments such as “a lush, rich sound that is Vanity 6 meets Inner City” (Urb), and “elegantly loping discoid grooves” (FACT).

Nomi, Morgan and Andrew met through their involvement with 2008’s critically acclaimed Hercules and Love Affair, an electro-disco outfit formed in the fires of New York’s dance music scene. After an extensive world tour, the three harnessed the synergy they shared on stage to create original music, and recast themselves as Jessica 6.

Singer Nomi Ruiz was born and raised in Brooklyn. Music was her childhood paradise. As a teenager Nomi gravitated towards a diverse movement of artists dedicated to transforming the contemporary music scene. Since the release of her 2005 debut album ‘Lost In Lust’ (an album of ballads wrapped around hip-hop street samples) she’s toured the world with Debbie Harry, Antony & The Johnsons, and Cocorosie.

Andrew Raposo and Morgan Wiley were members of Automato whose 2004 album for Capitol Records was produced by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. Morgan and Andrew have maintained a close working relationship with DFA, most notably by contributing to both the recording and live aspects of LCD Soundsystem and Hercules and Love Affair. Their production company serviced the B-sides for the first H&LA album and H&LA remixes of Goldfrapp, Cut Copy, Chaz Jankel, and Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond. Earlier this year, Andrew and Morgan worked with Tim Goldsworthy again on the new Massive Attack album.

Jessica 6 is now preparing for October’s highly anticipated, digital release of the ‘Fun Girls’ EP and music video, followed by a Spring 2010 full-length album. The EP will include remixes by NYC based producer Olivier Spencer who is known for his work with Still Going & House Of House as well as a remix by Germany’s Keinemusik, Illbient pioneer BYZAR, and other worldwide surprises.

Jessica 6
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