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Rolf Zielke
Hometown: Berlin, Germany
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The music of pianist and composer Rolf Zielke is a reflection of Contemporary Jazz and World Music. He has played at many international cultural events, either presenting his own projects or accompanying renowned artists of the Jazz or World Music scene.

'Technically he knows all the tricks... The man from Berlin presents himself as a pianist who is able to surprise an overcrowded trio-genre with a fresh, new sound.' "JAZZTHING"

Rolf Zielke was born in 1964 in Hameln, Germany. He started playing the piano at the age of seven and later studied music at the College of Music in Hannover. Through years of intensive concert touring in Germany, Europe, Asia and the USA he has developed an individual but international sound.

Festivals: French German Jazz Series, Washington DC (USA), European Festival of Culture in Algier (Algeria), Music Festivals in Bejing and Fuzhou (China), Ohrid Summer Festival (Mazedonien), International Jazz Festival, lasi (Rumania), Jazz nad Odra, Wroclaw (Poland), International Jazz Fair, Poznan (Poland), Rheingau Music Festival(Germany), 'Jazztage', 'Jazzwoche', 'Masala-Festival' Hannover

'The listener experiences piano-trio-jazz of the highest order: Zielke, winner of many awards and a man who has worked with musicians of many cultures, presents four top-class compositions of his own (...) Because of these compositions and the musicians’ intuitive understanding this brilliant performance is an exciting masterpiece from beginning to end.' "Jazzpodium"

Concerts / Studio Recordings with: Charlie Mariano, Mike Stern, Ed Schuller, Bireli Lagrene, Jiggs Whigham, Benny Baily, Red Holloway, Krzesimir Debski, Thomas Quasthoff, Stacy Kent, Sergej Starostin ("Moskow Art Trio"), Kaigal-Ool Khovalig ("Hun Huur Tu"), Nahawa Doumbia, Urna Chahar-Tugchi, Eda Zari, "RIAS" Big Band Berlin, Bill Ramsey, Gitte Haenning, and others.

Album Selection: 2004: "Hot Impressions" (feat. Charlie Mariano); 2002: "Exosphere" (feat. Mike Stern); 2001: Rolf Zielke Trio (feat. Mustafa Boztüy); 1996: "Blow Up" (feat. Ulita Knaus / Krzesimir Debski) .

In 1997 Rolf Zielke moved to Berlin. He currently teaches jazz piano at the 'Hanns Eisler' College of Music and the Universität der Künste ("JIB").

'As long as there are musicians like Rolf Zielke and Herbie Hancock, who display such far-sightedness during their concerts, one needn’t fear the lack of innovation in the jazz scene.' "Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung" .................................................................................................................. Compositions for Film and Theatre: 'Deszcz' ('Rain', 1990) and 'Slub Krawca' ('The Tailor’s Wedding', 2000) featuring the Polish animation artist Elzbieta Wasik. 'Hexentanz und Teufelsschwanz' ('Witches’ Dance and Devil’s Tail', 2003) Musical written for orchestra, chorus and ballet.

Rolf Zielke
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