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Blue Syndrome
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Web site:
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Blue Syndrome are a four piece popular rock group from Dublin who have been playing together for three years. Spine tingling vocals, intelligent guitar work and hooks and choruses that'll keep you humming for hours are what you can expect from the band's upcoming debut album 'Over & Out'. The band have a wide range of musical influences, ranging from Mark Geary to the Foo Fighters, and the resulting tracks show musical diversity - from endearing acoustic to thumping rock anthems.

The band have amassed a devoted fan base in Ireland, and have the rare quality of appealing to both the teen market and to older crowds. Their live show is spell binding, and what comes across most to the audience is how much they truly enjoy what they've doing. With debut single and album releases in the pipeline this year, and the Irish music scene following their progress, Blue Syndrome are THE band to watch in 2009.

“Step outside it’s time to shine” – the opening call to action in Blue Syndrome’s ‘Kiss the Girl’ sums up the spring into summer feel of the band’s stunning debut single. Spine tingling vocals, an addictive chorus and a melody that will keep you humming all day are what you can expect from ‘Kiss The Girl’. This hotly anticipated single was released on April 3rd, and is a tasty introduction to the band’s first album ‘Over and Out’ which will be released in October this year.

The band have already gained widespread exposure throughout the summer of 2008, when their powerful acoustic song ‘Tomorrow I’ll be Gone’ became the most downloaded tune in the CocaCola Blastbeat iTunes promotion. The four piece popular rock group hail from Dublin, and have been playing together for three years. The band have a wide range of musical influences, ranging from Mark Geary to the Foo Fighters. The album, ‘Over and Out’ pulls a range of musical rock styles together, resulting in a powerful journey from melancholic yearning to facing fears and emerging triumphant.

The band, who were signed with indie label Blastbeat Records, have played many of Dublin’s major venues including Vicar Street, Tripod, The Academy, The Village, Whelan’s and many other esteemed venues across Ireland and Northern Ireland . They have supported an extensive list of respected artists, including The Republic of Loose, The Dirty Epics, The Kinetics, Ham Sandwich, Warm Wax and Home Star Runner.

Blue Syndrome is the band to watch for in 2008/2009 and the release of ‘Kiss the Girl’ will be the springboard into their chart success. The band will be undertaking a tour in support of their album release in October, and will embark upon a radio and in-store tour in the weeks surrounding it.

Colm - Vocals/Guitar
Tom - Drums
Stephen - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Dan - Bass/Vocals

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Blue Syndrome
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