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Fidelity Kastrow
Hometown: Berlin
Web site:
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From Berlin’s new ‘Tresor’ to London’s coolest mixed underground clubs, Berlin based DJ/singer/songwriter Fidelity Kastrow has made an immediate and massive impression this year, spinning a smoothly mixed hi-energy selection of bass heavy electro, new rave-ish techno, baile funk, hip-hop and foxy acapellas.

Rocking dance floors from Croatia (Dalmatia’s exquisite outdoor hillside club ‘Porat’) to Bosnia (where she headlined the dance stage at ‘Neofest International Peace Festival’) she was also privileged to be selected to play at ‘Tresor’ in May, at the legendary club’s re-opening weekend.

Spinning alongside fellow ‘Skrufff’ DJ Jonty Skrufff, the duo played a joint seven hour set in the club’s experimental room and made such an impression that ‘Tresor’ invited them back immediately (to play the very next night - Saturday, May 26). Since then they have been booked to play two more nights at ‘Tresor’ (October 30 and January 4) when they’ll be playing extended sets in the club’s main room (the ‘Batterieraum’).

Outside Germany, Fidelity’s been snapping up gigs in London coming up in September and October - including legendary fetish institution ‘Torture Garden’ (at ‘Canvas’), Hoxton’s alternative clubkids’ favourite ‘Trailer Trash’, ‘Film Noir’ (at ‘Bar Music Hall’), ‘The Cross’ and Brixton’s ‘Dogstar.’

Mark Reeder, previously best known for discovering Cosmic Baby before launching Paul Van Dyk on an unsuspecting world, is now actively championing Fidelity, and admits he's delighted she's added DJing to the singing role she previously developed with fellow ‘Flesh’ artist Corvin Dalek.

"Fidelity is passionate about music, opinionated and totally committed," says Mark, "She's also already performed everywhere from ‘Creamfields’ Czech Republic to the Love Parade in San Francisco and toured China, which I'm sure is why she's such a natural behind the decks."

Growing up in East Berlin, Fidelity attended an elite music school, studying classical voice training, music theory and acting classes. She also played the piano from the age of seven, becoming eligible to study piano at University level (an option she declined, having already discovered clubbing).

Nowadays firmly focused on DJing (her classical training means she's skilled at understanding the structure of tracks and listening to separate instruments simultaneously) she's equally passionate about the feminist agenda she previously helped develop with ‘Flesh’, linked to ‘Wet&Hard’. ‘Wet&Hard’, she's keen to explain, is a lifestyle as much as a genre, based around sexual freedom, experimentation and wholeness rather than perfection.

Her uncompromising attitude helped both Corvin and Fidelity land gigs everywhere from London to Tokyo, culminating in a tour of China by the duo in the summer of 2005, which inspired her to start pursuing her DJing career actively and also to learn Chinese. She's since enrolled at Berlin's prestigious Humboldt University, fitting in DJ dates and recording sessions around seminars and classes on Chinese and Philosophy.

Fidelity Kastrow
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