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Danny Woody and Band
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Web site:
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Class is usually the word most often used when describing Danny Woody's presence, style and delivery.

Danny has spent a career choosing and collecting arrangements that highlight his sonorous voice. His repertoire covers everything from Be Bop to Swinging Jazz, Blues and Latin. On stage he has the appearance of comfortable looseness that conceals the tight disciple that comes from years of performance. Musicians have a word for this. It's callled chops.

Danny is a born and bred jazzman. The son of the accomplished and renowned sax player Verdi Woodward. Danny spent his childhood tagging along with his father to gigs at the now famous LA jazz clubs: Monty's, Shelly's Mann Hole, the Lighthousse and the Troubadour. Clubs where he saw his father sit in with such jazz greats as Thelodeous Monk, Miles Davis and the man who started Be-Bop himself, the great Charlie Parker.

Danny's father, spotting interest and talent, saw to it that his son had access to the finest teachers in the Los Angles area. He also saw to it that his son practiced.

Of course Danny was young man then, and as young men are, was attracted to youthful things. In Danny's case this meant Rock and Roll. He kicked around LA playing clubs and dance halls with high school buddies, and at the tail end of the sixties during the psychedelic era, hit the big time with a top ten hit Summertime Blues.

He went on to tour with bands such as The Other Half, Hearts and Flowers, Spanky and Our Gang, The East West Band and John Hartford. Later, he was a studio musician at Mike Nesmith's studio and has been with Capital Records, ACTA Records and Mercury.

Fortunately, with maturity Danny returned to his true love - Jazz and Blues. His prodigal return meant appearances at those same storied clubs of his youth. And for a few of those early performances, he shared the billing with his father under the marquee, Father and Son Jazz.

Danny, always at the front of popular culture saw a chance to expand not only his world but the world of Jazz. In 1998 helped re-establish the Jazz scene in China. He along with investor co-founded as the Musical Director the first Jazz club in China, The Big Easy in Beijing. Later, he was recruited as the Musical Director by the Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai where he transformed the Ritz Bar venue into the happening venue for the the town and the hotel guests

Always a masterful musician Danny developed another instrument--his voice. He always sang, and has a background in everything from rock to country to blues and to jazz. But now he concentrated on his voie. He followed the call of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, Bobby Darrin, Muddy Waters and took his voice and formidable presence to the stage.

For ten years he developed his skills as singer and performer/entertainer. He was the featured artist with the Rolf Becker JC All Star Big Band. His performances have been reviewed in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Newsweek and has even had segment exploring his various achievements on the USA television news magazine 60 Minutes.

His performances, whether in front of a big band or small ensemble, are not only professional, but warm and delightfully invigorating. He is a professional.

Danny Woody and Band
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