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Drew Young
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Welcome to the world of Drew Young. It’s a world of dreams and desires, lust and inhibitions, fortune-tellers and soothsayers, wanderers and redeemers, sacrifices, and above all else, resolve. Resolve to beat the world at its own game. Resolve to be true to the elusive muse, who, when captured sings with the voice of a cherub.

Drew’s music is his joy. Let life come as it may, the smile never leaves his face. Nowhere is this more evident than in songs like “Long Time Comin’“ and “In Love With The World”. On the first track, he sings “I see it clear/ I know it’s true/It’s time to go start anew/ I’m shaking cause I want a little more./ It’s been a good life and now I’m coming home”. “In Love With The World” finds Drew thanking the world for all of its bruises and hard knocks, and then declares, “I don’t know why I’m in love with the world/ I don’t know why cause it’s a little absurd”.

His musical palette is varied, voluptuous and voracious. Pop, Blues, Folk and Rock are spread around like soft butter, enticing the listener with hooks as deep as the Grand Canyon itself. His music is a roller coaster without the sudden stops and jarring free-falls.
“Lush Pop” is the best way to describe Drew’s music - a little Tom Waits, a dash of REM, a pinch of John Cougar, and maybe, just maybe, a little Neil Diamond. (That is, if Neil Diamond had several shots of Jameson’s in him, and if he was backed by a super tight ensemble.)

Drew’s music stands apart from the fray while still embracing the familiar. His music is every bit as unique and recognizable as that of, say, Springsteen, Train, Tom Petty or U2. (Not that he necessarily sounds like any of them). When asked about this, the singer-songwriter says, “I always strive to create my own sound and be the BEST Drew Young that I can be. The CD you are holding is my honest and true musical expression”.

Drew draws on the universal desire for a sense of place and the search for a home, which is why listeners find so much of themselves lurking in his songs. Perhaps there is a piece of you in here as well. Why not listen and see if you can find it?

Drew Young
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