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Ivan Hicks
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Ivan and Vivian Hicks are well known for their contribution to the preservation and promotion of old-time fiddling throughout North America. Many albums and hundreds of concerts have made Ivan and Vivian a very popular duo in the entertainment scene.

Ivan Hicks, with 60 years of playing old-time music, has shared his talents with many students, young and old alike, and has been an inspiration to countless others.

Ivan Hicks, the composer, the recording artist, the mentor and the performer is ".....synonymous with the types of music which is part of Atlantic Canada's heritage." His music is a gift, a legacy passed to him from his parents. Ivan has become a great musical ambassador for his home province of New Brunswick as well as Canada.

Ivan has been a member of various bands including: "Marshwinds" dance band (1969-1989) and "Martime Express" old-time and bluegrass band (1979-present). In the late 1970's, he formed the fiddle group "The Sussex Avenue Fiddlers" of which he is director.

Ivan is actively involved in promoting, attending and instructing at workshops. He continues to judge fiddling contests throughout Canada.

He is a consultant for various aspects of the music business and is an organizer and promoter of concerts and tours. Ivan has and continues to make many personal appearances throughout Canada and the USA.

Ivan and Vivian have made an outstanding contribution to the Canadian music scene. Many awards and honours have come to them including induction into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame (Ivan & Vivian) and the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame (Ivan). Ivan and Vivian Hicks have always demanded and achieved a high standard of excellence in their performances and related musical activities.


Started performing at age six
Has been a member of oldtime, country and bluegrass bands
Has done stage concerts, dances, radio and television work and recording
Competed in and won many fiddling contests from 1959-1980
Performed in the Marshwinds dance band from 1969-1989
Formed an old time and bluegrass band in 1979 - still performing
Maritime Fiddle champion and finalist in Canadian Championships
Published two books of fiddle tunes
Recorded and produced 15 recordings
Was host of a weekly radio show, CFQM-Radio, Moncton for 13 years
Has made many personal appearances throughout Canada and USA
Was inducted into the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame - 1985
Was inducted into the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame, Osceola, New York - 1990
Is co-founder and director of the Maritime Fiddlers Association
Is director of the National Old Time Fiddlers Association, USA
Is teaching the art of fiddling to young and old
Actively involved in promoting, attending and instructing at workshops
Is in demand as performer and Master of Ceremonies
Has been MC at the Maritime Fiddling Contest, Dartmouth, N.S. - eleven years
Is organizer and promotor of concerts and tours
Is consultant for various aspects of the music business
Has recorded two albums in Nashville, Tenn., USA
Has had a book written on his life and music (1996)
Host and instructor of the Ivan Hicks Downeast Fiddle Camp
Has been actively involved in New Brunswick Tourism Day Adventures - evening music

Ivan Hicks
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