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Avishai Cohen
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Jazz is now moving into a great era. After many years of opposition between traditionalists and modern jazz proponents, fans are now discovering a new approach to the genre which gives priority to mixing, intermingling, swing and the pure pleasure of music.

Pleasure is certainly one of the driving forces behind the work of Avishai Cohen – that together with an insatiable desire to share his passion for jazz with his audiences. There have been too few musicians throughout the history of jazz who were able to create a direct bond between their instruments and the audience. But with his talent and energy Cohen is able to summon the perfect ambiance in a matter of seconds, moving listeners with just three notes and bring joy to the hearts of all who come to see him perform. Constantly raising artistic standards, he has been able to weave this solid but invisible link throughout his career. It is this link that touches the listener deeply and makes a jazz artist a star. The phenomenon that is Avishai Cohen now unites spirits well beyond the borders of jazz. Having moved outside any clearly defined categories, Avishai electrifies the audience at each performance. And now, already enjoying a well-deserved reputation as a gifted and imaginative composer and one of the best living bass players, Cohen reveals himself to be a talented singer as well.

Avishai Cohen was born in 1970 in Israel to a musical family. As a child he began learning piano, but switched to electric bass guitar after discovering the legendary Jaco Pastorius. When he set off from Tel Aviv to conquer the world after two years of service in the army band, New York was a logical first destination. But the young Israeli had a difficult first year, at times even working in construction to make ends meet. Then came the Latin bands. A child of the Middle East, already well acquainted with a typical rhythm sections, Cohen could soon be found playing alongside Panamanian artist Danilo Perez on the Latin borders of today’s jazz.

It was around this time that he formed his first group, an orchestra with multiple influences that found an admirer in a certain Chick Corea, who soon offered him a record deal under his own label Stretch as well as the bass chair in his new group .

This would be the beginning of Corea’s sextet Origin – a rejuvenating new project for Corea and the best of training grounds for Cohen. This group took the young artist to the best stages around the world. During this period he acquired discipline, expertise and control and learned how to bond with an audience. He also sharpened his skills as a composer and gained an intimate rapport with melody. Avishai was soon in very high demand, accompanying artists such as, Bobby McFerrin, among many others, and performing with the London, Israel Philharmonic Orchestras and the Boston Pops Symphony.

After releasing four albums under his mentor’s label and acquiring international renown, Avishai decided to take the plunge and launch a solo career.

Avishai Cohen
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