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Ancient Grooves
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Web site:
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Ancient Grooves
Ancient Grooves is an exciting versatile ensemble of master musicians performing on exotic and unique musical instruments from around the world. The musicians compose, arrange and perform their own unique compositions combining different sounds and instruments from many diverse cultures. The magic of Ancient Grooves comes from the dazzling expertise and knowledge of itís world acclaimed musicians. Each member brings to the ensemble an amazing array of skills, rare and exotic instruments, historic knowledge, musicianship and their personal stories and love of indigenous music to the stage for all to experience. Over 100 instruments are used on stage in each performance, creating a sound and music that transcends the listener to other worlds and other times in history.

The Artists

Martin Espino
Born of Yaqui and Tepehuano ancestry from Mexico, Martin creates and perform on hundreds of exotic instruments that come from his ancestors in Ancient Mexico as well as from other parts of Ancient North, Central and South America. He has met and performed with many indigenous musicians from Mexico, the Ecuadorian Rain Forest, Peru and celebrity artists from Bolivia and other regions in the Americas.

Christopher Garcia
Chris was born, raised and still resides in East L.A. His background includes performances in a wide variety of musical settings including; Jazz, Rock, World Music, traditional Mexican music, pre-Hispanic music, percussion ensemble, soundtracks, and cartoon music. He has been the drummer/percussionist of several critically acclaimed ensembles including The Grandmothers Reinvented - Frank Zappa and former members of The Mothers, Quarteto Nuevo - Experimental Jazz/World Music Ensemble, The Michael Vlatkovich Ensemble, Mexica and Demania, with Alex DeGrassi and Michael Manring.

Malik Sow
Malik is a master drummer, composer, and choreographer from Dakar, Senegal, West Africa, Malik followed in his ancestorís footsteps and became a performer of traditional music from the ancient Malian empire which today includes the West African countries of Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Gambia, Cote D'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Cameroon. He first came to the U.S. in 1984 where he drummed at the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Florida. Malik has also appeared and performed in several feature films, including POETIC JUSTICE, DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN, and AMISTAD. Malik has also been featured on many television shows, such as THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW, FAMILY ACCENTS, and TRUE TALENT. He has appeared on stage with The Rolling Stones, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, Babatunde Olatunji, Mor Thiam, Karounga Sakho, and The American Ballet Theater's Katherine Dunham.

John Zeretzke
John has written numerous ballet and dance scores for such companies as The Joffrey Ballet, Diavolo, The Royal Danish Ballet, The Ohio Ballet, The Ice Theater of New York and Ballet Folklorico del Pacifico. John's scores have been performed live at the Aspen Music Festival, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, Peabody Conservatory of Music and with the United States Marine Band Percussion Ensemble in Washington D.C. Since 1992, Zeretzke has composed and recorded numerous source and world music based scores for Paramount Pictures, Disney, Kushner-Locke Productions and recently for Discovery Channel.

Ancient Grooves
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