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Hollywood Lovescene
Hometown: West Palm Beach
Web site:
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Hollywood LoveScene hails from West Palm Beach and if any area group is making a name for itself, it is these 5 guys. According to their ever-growing popularity in South Florida, now more so than ever, Hollywood LoveScene is hot (live and on video).

Hollywood LoveScene’s infectious range and brand of live music has created a buzz which is validated nightly by the group’s power-laced performances. No surprise, the 20-something group is becoming “a rock A-Team” statewide.

Is it their catchy music-cringed hooks? Is it their “stick in your brain” strategic choruses? Is it their effective jaw-dropping vocals or is it their lyrical prowess? Is it their radio-formatted songs? Is it their twist on originality and their entrenched heart-felt ballads? How about all of the above?

The forthcoming release of their 2nd EP, appropriately titled “561”, opens Hollywood LoveScene to new audiences and a step-up in their career. Are you thinking that the EP is all about an “area code”? Think again. “561” purposefully, defines Hollywood LoveScene’s musical diversity. The EP features 6 self-produced studio tracks recorded at Bieler Bros. and Ear Candy Studios- South Florida. “561”, the EP, will be available by mid-August 2010 in a limited edition release.

Hollywood LoveScene’s fan-base simply refers to the guys as “HLS”. The group’s work ethic is devoutly music-determined and that determination is paying off in more ways than one. Recently, HLS opened shows for contemporary rock acts like: All American Rejects, Daughtry, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and the ‘80s hit-makers Little River Band. Hollywood LoveScene has become the “go to band” and Florida knows it.

HLS recently recorded (and modernized) Paula Abdul’s 1988 hit “Straight Up”. Did Paula like HLS’ version of “Straight Up”? Well, click on “”, Paula Abdul’s official fan club site, and seeing is believing. It is “Straight Up” but the hit song is refreshed, updated and interpreted visually through HLS’ cool, live kick-ass and defiant rock delivery – a performance that has to be seen.

“Doing ‘Straight Up’ just seemed more than appropriate somehow. All of us in Hollywood LoveScene grew up with the dream of being musicians. It was a dream that started when we were kids. “Straight Up’ is a throw-back hit to an era when that dream started to take shape. We didn’t know it at the time but we do today - rocking Paula Abdul’s hit is our way of saying ’Yes’ to dreams coming true,” bassist Joe Malmuth said.

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Hollywood Lovescene
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