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Garold Hanscom
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Born in South Tilley, in 1942, Garold Hanscom lived the first ten years of his life on his grandfatherís (William Parker) farm with his siblings and parents. Both his grandfather and his Uncle Fred played fiddle and the family listened to the Don Messer and The Maritime Farmers weekly broadcasts faithfully on an old battery radio. In 1952 his father took a job as an engineer with the CPR and moved his family to Aroostock. In the fall of 1955, he was given a guitar, then, that Christmas, a fiddle each accompanied with Five Minute Course booklets. The following summer his grandfather taught him a few fiddle tunes and, although he was becoming adept with guitar by then, the fiddle quickly became his instrument of choice. Soon he was appearing with it on Gene Hooperís Maine Radio Shows and Kidd Bakerís TV and radio shows here in New Brunswick. At 15 he joined a First Nation band, Percy Innis & The Nighthawks, then a year later the New Ogilvy Orchestra to play lead guitar for dances two or three nights a week in NB and Maine. In 1960 he attended Moncton Technical School and acquired a mechanicís papers, moved to Bath to work in 1961 and rejoined the Ogilvy Band to play dances in the Glassville area and later the Archie Rideout Band to play Florenceville area dances. In 1967 he went to work at Beechwood Generating Station and played dances around Perth-Andover with The Mortonís, leaving in 1974 to take a two-year technology course. For 14 years, because of a heavy work schedule, he played only occasionally, but in 1988 he attended a fiddle jam in Andover and Joe Farquharís inspired playing awakened the fiddle fever in him again. That jam group, which quickly became the Wednesday Evening Fiddlers under Garoldís guidance, has grown over the years to 50 fiddlers and accompanists. In 1990 he also became a regular with the River Valley Fiddlers, started going to fiddle contests, became interested in Scottish fiddling and attended Cape Bretonís Gaelic College. In recent years he has been accorded many honours and awards, served as president of the Maritime Fiddlers Association and teaches fiddle to students of all ages.

Garold Hanscom
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