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C.J. Marvin
Hometown: Bergen Norway
Web site:
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Born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 25th 1964.

In 1970 moves to Trieste, Italy, with his family, where at 11 years of age takes up piano and singing lessons.

In 1978, at 14, holds his first public show performing in trio with bass and drums at the local church hall for a paying audience. Thereafter he performs locally at live-music clubs and summer festivals.

In 1981 meets lyric-writer Robert Montanelli with whom he starts a partnership. In just a few months they will write enough titles to fill up several albums. After forming a group of talented musicians "The Marvin Band" begins playing on a semi-professional basis around Italy.

In winter 1985 the duo is introduced to a wider audience by writing a song called "Why Not?!" for a TV programme broadcasted by a private Italian network, Tele 4-Italia 1.

In 1986 they begin their first gigs in Europe and C.J. makes his debut on Italian local and National radio and television stations including R.A.I. He is often invited to perform at the NATO base of Aviano.

In February 1987 he is booked for a series of concerts by one of the most exclusive clubs in Munich, the "Neue Domicile".
On August 8th he performs in the famous "Piazza Unita' d'Italia" in Trieste in front of over 6000 people. The show, which is recorded and televised sometime later, will be described by the City Council as "the best rock concert of the season".

In Winter another song penned by Marvin-Montanelli, "Sports on TV" , is chosen as theme for another Tele 4-Italia 1 broadcast.

In late 1988 C.J. splits the band and works for some record companies and studios in Milan singing and producing jingles and songs for other Artists.

In 1991 he is back on the road. Having replaced the band with digital technology he embarks as a "one man band" on his "Road of Hope Tour", starting off at the Swiss temple of music "Atlantis" in Basel. The tour will take him all across Europe, from Norway to Greece, Austria to Spain, playing clubs, galas, and supporting major acts with original songs and covers.

In August 1993 he begins a new song-writing partnership with American Linda Teller. The first result of this collaboration is a country flavoured ballad called "The Travelling Man".

In this year C.J. will perform a breath-taking record of 327 live shows.

1994 takes him on his first U.S. appearance in May and July and "The Travelling Man" becomes one of the most appreciated numbers in his repertoire.The whole album project is written in just one week.

Whilst in Florida C.J. teams up with local players in Sarasota and Ybor City (Tampa) joining them in the Jelly Roll's "Duelling Pianos" shows.

1995 and 1996 sees him constantly on tour and organizing his own "CJM Productions" company.

By the end of 1997, "Road of Hope" becomes the new single.

In early 1998, finally in control of his repertoire, he releases a re-mixed and re-mastered edition of the "Why Not?!" single and issues his first album "81TO88", a live collection of songs recorded throughout the 80's.

C.J. continues alternating tour dates to studio sessions and by the end of September "The Travelling Man" project is finally recorded in Italy, Switzerland and the U.S., featuring international guest musicians such as guitarists Vic Vergeat and Tom Lane, keyboarder Matthias Heimlicher, poly-instrumentist Alessandro Simonetto and harp-player Terry McMillan.

In 1999 C.J. calls up engineer Ron Kurz to mix "The Travelling Man" album which is issued in December and publishes his official web-site.

2000 starts with a private concert evening in Belgravia (London) which sees C.J. performing for nine consecutive hours and on midday of January 1st sipping champagne beneath the Big Ben.

He is untiringly "on the road" and always writing new material.

By the end of April C.J. is called to join the new "" web-plattform appearing together with some of the most successful Swiss Artists.

to be continued.

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"road of hope" single cover

"the travelling man" album cover

archive live picture live in Bern CH dec 1999
archive live picture live in Bern CH dec 1999

web site welcome page
web site welcome page

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C.J. Marvin
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