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Tings an' Times
Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
Web site:
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To define Tings you need to consider the past, present and future of this fine establishment. That is, in itself, one of the hardest things to do as the concept means so many things to so many different people. To make it easier to get to grips with, let us first deal with the history of Tings.

Tings an' Times first braved the air as an infant in swaddling cloth on 12 October 1995. Full of promise and energy in the waning years of inequality it offered a unique perspective on life as the first (and so far only) 100% Attitude-Free Zone ever established.

This would become the place where no matter what denomination, creed, colour or persuasion; you could find your niche. Here at last was a place where the universal message of Reggae could be lived to the fullest: Peace, Love and Harmony for all of Jah's children.
The bar/restaurant/live venue is the brainchild of Carl and Eugene, conceived during their travels to various exotic locations worldwide. Eugene has since moved on to other things but Carl remains at the helm. At first only drawing a small group of initiates it soon became the hottest spot among those in the know, renowned for its food and support of local music and artists. Many great names would perform here over the years and more than one would make their debut on its stage. After nearly ten years of bliss an unnecessary evil lurked in the shadows, hoping to overpower the established home of Reggae.
In July 2005 amidst much protest and struggle Tings was forced to close its doors at the location that became its home, Shop 16 Hatfield Galleries. The building was eventually demolished to make space for another capitalist monstrosity in the heart of Hatfield. Fortunately for the faithful, a new venue was secured at 1065 Arcadia Street, merely a stones throw from the original location. Which quite neatly brings us to present day.

In its new venue Tings has blossomed, redefining its style but ultimately staying true to its ethos. Now 3 times larger than before it truly creates a sense of spacious privacy, elbow room to spare yet intimate. The walls are decorated in true Tings style with beautiful paintings by customers and enthusiasts alike, and colours that stir the imagination. Most of the original decorations and fittings have been preserved; the bar counter being one that immediately springs to mind. Even the bathroom doors from the previous shop make a return as art pieces. All your favourite dishes have also survived the move including the Beef Brandy and Legend Chicken Livers. Just to add some spice a few new ones have made the menu even more worthwhile, like the Green Chicken Curry and Long Time No Sea.
So that leaves one question: What does the future hold?

That, dear friends, is in your hands. As long as there are free-thinking individuals who require company of similar calibre there will be a Tings. Let's discover that future together, see you at Tings!

Tings an' Times
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