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Musiciens Sans Frontieres
Hometown: nyc
Web site:
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MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES is the creation of NYC-based Austrian-born Thomas Simon who moved to NYC at 19. He founded his first rock band LOVE ALIEN with partner Jillie Simon, a NY native actress-singer-songwriter. Four records and eight tours followed (US, Canada Europe, Middle East).

- Martin Johnson wrote: "LOVE THAT FUSION: Their band is like a fusion of Screaming Trees and Sophie B Hawkins. They have a slightly grungy psychedelic sound, and Jill has a sensuous stage presence and breathy vocals that seem to owe a bit to performance art. It's an intriguing and original sound that is often riveting." - NEWSDAY

Turning to more experimental music, looking to fuse rock with new age, & world music, Simon went to shoot a life changing documentary in 2003, holding jam sessions in Brazil, India and Nepal (Thomas Simon WalkAbout - 5 film festivals in North America).

MSF was born in 2005 - and strives to shed boundaries, musically and geographically.
The music is alternative rock with world and ambient influences, at times interweaving darker sounds, yet shot through with positivity & light, through the vocals, lyrics, performance.

In MSF, Simon is covering the sonic spectrum from the psychedelic, often tribal alt-rock of LOVE ALIEN ( to the dark yet undeniably catchy riffs of his off-off broadway musical hit "The Damned"
( " - a rock musical featuring Thomas Simon has made this town take notice.... a hot ticket not to miss" - Village Voice) and integrating the new age ambient suspense sounds of his film-work.
(His ambient work has also been heard on tv, he'd been commissioned to write an ambient piece for a short film on "Sesame Street", set in Central Park called "Rocks")
MSF is co-fronted by Jillie, who "has been garnering rave reviews and probably more than her share of stalkers..." , said CMJ New Music Report.

Jillie & Thomas performed last at the Guitar Masters Festival (Pennsylvania) on August 30th 2008, opening the show for Deodato.

March 2008:
Thomas recorded in Indonesia and is currently utilizing all the sounds, world rhythm samples, he recorded in combination with the alternative rock & xtc to create the new blend of MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES::Alternative::Rock::World::Dub::

-Dec. 2007: The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee placed Thomas Simon Musiciens Sans Frontieres on the Official Ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards in the following categories:

Category 1 - Record of the Year
Thomas Simon Musiciens Sans Frontieres - Affection

Category 7 - Best Pop Performance By A Duo or Group with Vocal
Thomas Simon Musiciens Sans Frontieres - Affection

MUSICIENS SANS FRONTIÉRES create a wild and unique alt-rock world dub experience with the aim of lifting the beings of this planet to a higher place

The 2007 release, Satellite, has heavy grooving hooks, tribal beats and experimental segueways.
The album includes the track "Remember Me" which was written in memory of Marla Ruzicka, an American activist, who worked in Iraq and Afghanistan to raise awareness and money for the victims of U.S. bombing raids, rallying in Washington numerous times, before being killed in Bagdad in 2005 at age 28 (go to AUDIO to sample this song).

Other Highlights -
Opening up for Missing Persons
Playing in front of 25,000 people at a Woodstock Festival, on Yasgurs Farm, the original Woodstock '69 concert site in 1999
Performing at premier rock club Barbie in Tel Aviv, Israel, following a live interview on national TV
Playing at the steps of the US Capitol in Washington, DC as part of a Voter March anti-Bush protest
• 2001: Composed Off Off B'way Rock Musical "The Damned." - Sold out for all of its performances.
Jam sessions and interviews with renowned indian classical artists, The Kedia Brothers and Dr. Sunanda Patnaik in Varanasi, U.P., India (T.S.Walkabout - the docu/travelogue was selected to 5 int'l film festivals in '05 & '06).
Commercial airplay on NY's K-Rock and WDRE, Long Island, and WDST, Woodstock, NY, as well as continued airplay on Austria's main alternative radio station FM4
• 2005: Commissioned to create music for PBS 'Sesame Street'
• 2007: Simon's new age album 'Secret Winds Of Sounds' was chosen as soundtrack for upcoming feature film 'Sanctified' (to be released in 2008),
• 2007: performing at Top T Festival in Buzau, Romania, on the bill with Kumm & Alternosfera
• 15 tours, all over the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East within the last 10 years

Music, Video, Image and Lyric Samples:

live @ CBGBs, NYC
live @ CBGBs, NYC

YouTube Videos:

Musiciens Sans Frontieres
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