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The Rudeness
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Web site:
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The Rudeness was originally conceived while the band toured the Mid-West on Warped Tour a few years back. At the time, The Rudeness were a full on Pop/Punk band called M-80. That band accomplished plenty, including national touring, national distribution, national publishing deals and a huge fan base, all of which were gained as an independent artist. Their releases “Put Down The BB Gun” and “Don’t Take It Away” are still available. The boys were feeling tired of playing Pop/Punk and looking to get back to their musical roots. Having all come from the coastal region of Rhode Island, Reggae and Ska are a huge influence on their musical taste. Rhode Island has a little known hot spot where surfers go to listen to Reggae and Ska music. It's a bar called the Ocean Mist and it sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. There is a point break just beyond the back deck of the bar. You’d think you were in Hawaii if you stumbled in there and you might see the likes of Eek-A-Mouse, Buju Banton or Sizzla performing on any given night. That club holds the sound and the true spirit of what The Rudeness are about. The boys longed to calm things down and get back to the sounds they remember while hanging out at the Ocean Mist. This year the boys finally formed The Rudeness and they don’t plan to look back. Armed with a brand new 5 song EP Produced by Scott Begin (Scotty Don’t / Badfish), The Rudeness are ready to take it to the next level once again. Singer/Guitarist Jonny Safford’s ability to write hooky Reggae tinged tunes shines brightly on this new collection of songs. He writes about real life, relationships and un-employment…..all subjects anyone can relate to. His sense of humor cuts through the beautifully arranged vocal and guitar harmonies with ease and spirit. Nothing feels fake or forced, its simply real life. Guitarist Jeff Hanks, Bassist Joe Principe and Drummer Paul Sumner hold down the rock solid rhythm while Sax Master Rich Colasanto adds delightful melody just when needed. The mixture allows for plenty of originality and performance quality, but still retains the overall sound. What started as a Pop/Punk band in the vein of the Offspring (as M-80) has morphed into a commercially viable, fun, groovy Reggae and Ska tinged Rock band in the vein of Sublime and 311, but with an original twist. The Rudeness are back to their roots. Back to that beach bar where they all met while hanging out and listening to Reggae.

The Rudeness
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