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Hometown: Africa / Asia
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AFRICAN RADIO MALAYSIA is a BRANCH of AFRICAN RADIO ONLINE GA ATLANTA USA well known as "THE BIG VOICE OF AFRICA. This Station is set up to support all African communities in Asia, we are based in Malaysia but Operating Globally, all Africans living in Asia are welcome and we are here to make their dreams come true.

AFRICAN RADIO TV MALAYSIA will be putting up much variety of Radio and TV shows, AFRICAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC, REGGAE AND DANCEHALL MUSIC, HIP HOP, TALK SHOWS, and ETC NO BARRIERS when it comes to entertainment.

We will be here to help AFRICAN BUSINESS PEOPLE by advertising and promoting their businesses. to know more about this AFRICAN RADIO TV MALAYSIA, please have a look through our MOTHER COMPANY AFRICAN RADIO ATLANTA PROFILE which is below.

African Radio Online was started by Mama Africa Productions -(For The People-The Music-The Culture-The Future), we started in 1999, by doing club events, shows, bringing artist to the U.S., promoting businesses, managing artists,advertising, media and more.

One of the purpose of Mama Africa is to give Africans an entertainment night life, so we started Club Mama Africa in 1999, where people can go and have fun and mingle, "Some of us work 2 plus jobs, go to school and look after our elderly parents, that is all we think about sometimes because we have to take care of our kids, our family here and back home, and being African you have to make sure that you do what it takes to support yourself and family",you are thought to survive at a early age( says Mr. Bakarr, the CEO and Founder) and as well to give us as Africans a place to go have fun, relax before we go back to our regular routine.

What we do is provide entertainment, marketing, promotions, advertising, club events, and media to the African community and those who would like to target the African community. We are giving Africa and Africans a voice, a BIG voice; we have so much to say and had a limited way to say it, and now we have a 100% way to do so.

We do so much out their but their was not many ways of bringing it out their, until now. There are many African businesses, like markets, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, churches, people graduating from school, major news from back in Africa, U.S., U.K and around the world that people can benefit from but can not because of lack of media.

In 2004 African Radio The BIG Voice Of Africa wss started at a local fm station called choice 102.9fm which is a Caribbean radio station and about a year later was started because we felt that we need a place to be heard and seen 100% of the time.

The African population is a BIg and growing one, we know that we are catergorized under the African American and black profile which is fine with us, but we believe we have our own identity and it needs to be seen, heard and felt.

We believe both companines will lead in the revolution in bringing African media, music, entertainment and TV in Africa, U.S., U.K. and beyond and give our people a BIG voice in the media industry and beyond. We want to use African Radio to help put a spotlight also on our artist's, our actors and actresses, our models and all those in the entertainment business so they can benefit from their hard work and what they love to do so much, as well as put a spotlight on what is going on back in Africa and around the globe, the good and the bad, this needs to be seen and heard, and people need to be educated about this beautiful continent and its people and the BIG potential it has.

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