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Ryan Koriya
Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Web site:
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Ryan Koriya is a singer-songwriter in his own right and has been based in the UK since 2003 when he began to successfully build an international profile for his rock band Mann Friday. He also then took up the bass guitar so as to complete the bandís rhythm section as well as singing backing vocals. Ryan was instrumental in building a sizeable following that saw the band top unsigned charts and even break box office records at legendary clubs in London like The Barfly. Ryan recalls, ďThe internet is a powerful ally if you know how to use it and I also believe in making true fans by talking to people face-to-faceĒ.
Fast forward seven years and Ryan is now enjoying his centre-stage roll as the purveyor of his own songs as he builds a following for his self-titled solo project. A velvet voice that delivers songs straight from the heart, his influences include artists like Sting, Coldplay, John Mayer, David Gray, Dave Matthews, Angus and Julia Stone, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne, Scott Matthews, Stephen Fretwell, Muse and Kings of Leon.

Ryanís passionate acoustic-driven, strings-laden music has already found a home in many-a-listener's heart so early on in the game which has seen him sell hundreds of copies of his current self-produced limited-edition demo EP that has even led to him playing to overseas fans in Los Angeles. Ryan recorded this EP whilst living in a massive abandoned hospital building at the heart of Londonís W1, just five minutes walk from Oxford Street as he also busked on the London Underground for a living. The EPís artwork lays out the story of his adventures in the form of pictures and a personal note outlining the challenges he faced in todayís very hostile arts world. Ryan has also enjoyed radio play in his home country with legendary mainstream DJ Hilton Mambo and others including DJ AK and Barney Mupawira. Ryan has appeared live on Zimbabwe breakfast TV and has also seen coverage on independent radio in the UK with stations like Bridge FM in the West Midlands.

A Zimbabwean born and raised, Ryan Koriya (pronounced Ko-ree-ya) started instrumental music by playing violin as a form-one pupil (13yr old) at Prince Edward High School in his then home town, Harare. He took up the cello a little later. Guitars crashed into Ryan's life in 2000 which was still two years before he finally found a way to get out onto a global stage, that being London, to take things to next level on his quest to becoming a player on the world stage. After five years of focusing on Mann Friday, Ryan embraced his desire to take centre-stage and left his London day job in IT to fully pursue a career in music. Now armed with his first solo demo titled 'The Demonstration EP', the lyrics of which can be found on the lyrics page. Ryan is now in the process of recording the follow-up EP which is inspired by London and fast-paced big-city life.

Ryan has busked around London and Birmingham as he continues to build a following with his riveting voice, both in person and on websites like YouTube. He is normally armed with a head microphone, a small busking amplifier, his fiery-red acoustic guitar and a foot-stomp tambourine. He has even had the occasional passer by who thinks he is lip-synching to a professional recording stop him from singing to investigate further. They are then surprised to discover that what they hear is indeed 100% Ryan Koriya and 100% live.

The upcoming EP is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.

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Ryan Koriya
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