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Early Pearl
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Web site:
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It all began in a rehearsal studio in Dallas, Texas in early 2003. Early Pearl was formed out of a twist of fate. Tyler, the drummer, had been searching day after day after night for the right mix of musicians to form a band that played high-energy, alternative rock but blended with a unique sound. In walked young Jameson - he played guitar on an unannounced audition that wowed and amazed Tyler and company. Down the hall in a different room with a different band, Bishop heard about this band seeking a singer. He took a break, wandered in, and liked what he heard. More importantly, because Bishop possessed the subtle sounds of soul and his vocals blended so nicely - the fit was perfect. In another room, down another hall, rehearsing together Ivey and Jackson got wind there was an audition for bass and another guitar player. Ivey auditioned and joined first, then Jackson. Now the band was ready to move forward and make their mark . Tyler was replaced with Bobby Primm formerly of the band Big Iron in July of 2006.

Thus, the birth of Early Pearl, in May 2003 followed by the rebirth in July of 2006.

Bishop, Jameson, Jackson, Ivey and Bobby - have been performing and traveling together since then. Whether you like your music heavy, melodic or catchy - Early Pearl's sound has led them across the state of Texas, into Louisiana and into the hearts of many and have had the honor to play with legends like Ed King from Lynyrd Skynyrd and open for Rock Legend Alice Cooper. With powerful vocals, blazing guitars and driving drums Early Pearl's music takes you on a roller coaster ride full of wild passion that demands your attention. Early Pearl has the ability to move new fans as well as old. These guys light up every crowd wherever they play with their high energy live performance.

Currently, Early Pearl is promoting their new full length CD "This Is". Early Pearl is seen in and around Texas bringing a fresh sound to the realm of modern alternative music. This band will send you through an emotional high that is undeniable and quite infectious. One day, not too long from now, you'll know each one of them by name…

Early Pearl!

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Early Pearl
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