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Melissa Ferrick
Hometown: Boston, MA
Web site:
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Melissa Ferrick is a musical icon with a voice that’s instantly familiar, comfortable and mind-blowing. Since her last critically acclaimed release, Goodbye Youth, her passionate fan base has waited patiently for Still Right Here to be finished- and finally, the news we’ve been waiting for has come, the record is set to hit Sept 13 via New York City’s MPress Records! Still Right Here is Ferrick’s first studio record in five years, and what a record it is. Boasting guest vocals from friend and often tour mate, Ani DiFranco and guitar work from the incredible Kaki King, the ten song set, recorded in Williamsburg with producer Alex Wong (Vienna Teng, Ari Hest), as well as in Ferrick’s hometown of Newbury, Massachussetts with co-producer Thomas Eaton (Mark Erelli, Ellis Paul), is worth every second of the wait.

Melissa Ferrick’s impressive career longevity as a predominantly independent artist is virtually unheard of in today’s industry and speaks to her talent and the world she has built for herself. There is her expansive body of work, mapped out over the sixteen albums that comprise her career to date, nearly all of which she distributed herself. There is the inspiration she’s taken from the incredible artists she’s shared the stage with, including Morrissey, Bob Dylan, Paul Westerberg, Weezer, amongst others. There are the stories of the crisscrossed world and the things she has both gained and lost in her wake. There is the fervent fan-base that has grown with Ferrick but above all there is the sound, a voice burnished by breakdowns and breakthroughs, refined over the twenty years she has been doing this. And now, there is Still Right Here, the sum of these hard-earned parts set to music, Ferrick’s gorgeous purpose unspooling over the ten incredible tracks that comprise the album.

Album namesake and opener, “Still Right Here” serves as the records mission statement. The track was inspired by a friend who walked away from a terrible car accident. Musically, the track showcases the signature guitar sound that Melissa is revered for, blending seamlessly with flawless gritty vocals in a thrilling kick off to the album. “Seconds Like These” lurches into action; Ferrick’s vocals are incandescent with gratitude, gliding over a chugging acoustic. Another of her strengths lies in her ability to mine the contents of her life and set them to music, “You Let Me Be” is lo-fi balladry at its best, going deep into the romantic territory of Ferrick’s life with guest vocals from Ani DiFranco. “Headphones On” features help from guitar virtuoso Kaki King.

Melissa Ferrick
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