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The Jespers
Hometown: Malaysia
Web site:
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The band started out on the 9th of December 2009. It was created by the lead vocals of the band Nashriq Ismail Sabri. With determination in his heart, he went on a search for the bandmates for the band. That’s when he met Syed Mohamad Sharifullah, known as Syed, at an audition for a drummer for the band. The audition was held at Akakarya Studio in Damansara. Due to his incomparable talent in beats and percussion, he passed the audition with flying colors. Coming along with him during the audition, was his close friend, Nazren Hanafi Bin Ridzwan, known as Naz, accompanying him throughout the audition. But he wasn’t auditioned at that time. As time passed, they felt that the need for a backing instrument was crucial for the band’s sound. So they went for another search, and that’s when Syed recommended his friend, who is a guitarist and they auditioned him during a jamming session in a studio located in Sri Hartamas called Brown Black Blues Studio. Naz flew back and forth on the neck of his guitar during the audition with a heart melting guitar solo. Back then, they knew that the search for backing musician has ended. Then, the three of them started practicing and composed a few songs and recorded it live at the Akakarya studio. A demo was produced with a single song titled ‘She’s a nobody’. The single then was posted on Youtube and it has cought the attention of a certain people who share the same interest. Then they continued practicing and composing new songs, playing a few gigs. Most of the practice session was held in the Akakarya studio in Damansara. After a few months practicing and composing, they knew that they needed a quality recording for their songs. That is when a friend recommended The Hotsound studio located in Wangsa Maju for their recording. Due to the positive feedback they got from fellow musician on the studio, they decided to record their EP at the studio. As the result, an Ep consist of five songs were produced. Now, the band is ready to take their music outside of the studio by playing them live in front of live audience. By that, they have improved their performance and showmanship on stage and of stage.

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The Jespers
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