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Joy Krauthammer
Hometown: Porter Ranch, CA
Web site:
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Joy Krauthammer, MBA, a percussionist for over twenty years, also plays crystal & Tibetan singing bowls (which she carried back from Tibet). Playing singing bowls, she is a vessel for sharing a symphony of meditational vibrational healing sounds which reverberate through one's body for relaxation, meditation and for opening channels for flowing, allowing for more joy, love, unity, peace and harmony in our UniVerse.

Conscious connection of wholeness, healing and Oneness, in the Four Worlds of spirit, mind, heart and body, is Joy's musical kavannah / intention. Joy is inspired by the call to "Serve G*d in Joy" (Psalm 100:2) and believes that, "Joy breaks through all barriers." - The Lubavitch Rebbe

Joy plays African djembe, Middle-Eastern dumbek, frame drums, small ethnic percussion, and Tibetan singing bowls at spiritual events, holidays, New Moon/Rosh Chodesh ceremonies, women's retreats and pre-Pesach seders, temples, rituals - mikveh life-cycle ceremonies, yoga studios, art galleries, theaters, publication and peace parties, festivals, conferences, writing workshops, drum circles, and for personal individual and group healing meditations. Each full moon she serves as Sound Healer for the Spiritual Unity Movement.

This summer, Joy Krauthammer joyously participated at Mid-Summer's Magickal Eve, Gaia Festival, REMO's Women's Drum Day, Mandala Peace Party, LA Women's Music Festival-- Divine Lotus Healing Tent, and at Elat Chayyim in the Berkshires, and the Aleph Kallah in New Mexico, with the Klezmer Orchestra, Neshama Musikats, and Jospel Choir. She was delighted to play with Shir Ecstasy in Oregon and Ohio, and with Azamra's Breslover Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, and Young Israel's Farbrengans.

For Jewish spiritual monthly events since 2001, Joy accompanies cantorial soloist/guitarist, Cindy Paley at Lev Eisha, and N'Shama Minyan, and annually at Temple Judea and Shomrei Torah Synagogue. Joy loves serving in the Chassidic Orchestra for Valley Beth Shalom's memorial Farbrengens with conductors, Chris Hardin, and David Kaminer accompanying Cantor Herschel Fox. In addition to drumming, Joy plays singing bowls for meditation at B'nai Horin, serving as percussionist since 1991, and at Makom Ohr Shalom since 1992. Annually she plays percussion as well as singing bowls for Wagner Women Retreat.

Joy especially loves playing timbrel for women dancing in freedom and praise, in the spirit of biblical sister, Miriyahm HaNeviah. Playing for Jewish Women's Theatre is another favorite gig.

Joy began her spiritual musical career accompanying legendary musicians Reb Shlomo Carlebach, and Rabbi David Zeller, as well as Babatunde Olatunji, all of blessed memory.

Although classically musically trained in piano, violin, and clarinet, and later in percussion (including drum set in music schools) by dozens of world-music masters, Joy attributes her playing and "being played", to Hashgachah Pratit / Divine Providence. Exciting personal experiences have included exploring music throughout the world in her travels since a teenager, and learning from multi-cultural masters.

Playing intuitively from her heart and soul, "Joy's music is part of the universal song to the One Creator, Source of All Life." - Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen

"Joy, a woman with a deep soul" is playing for the congregations to help bring them to praise the Source of All Blessings. "Joy has a faith gene and her soul resonates with the beauty in all the places she goes to." - Roberto Loiederman, Jewish Journal

Reb Shlomo Carlebach, z'l, naming Joy--Tzohara, translated Joy's Hebrew name, Gila Rena Tzohara, as "Double Joy and Light."
Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi named Joy--Rena, the 'joy of song'. Reb Zalman said, "Many recite the words from Psalm 150, 'Praise God with the Drums ...'. I know only a few people who really drum for God's sake; Joy Krauthammer is among the first of them."
Joy's first Lubavitcher Chabad rabbi named her Gila, for 'rejoicing', as in the blessing/sheva bruchas for the bride and groom.

As Daniel Pearl, of blessed memory, said to the world that he is Jewish, also Joy Krauthammer proudly says, "I am Joy, and I am Jewish." Joy, a spiritual woman loving the color purple, is a visual artist, performing percussionist, poet, Chai Lights publisher, artist of life, spiritual guide, sound healer, student of Torah, and Kabbalah workshop leader, living in Porter Ranch, CA, USA, UniVerse.

Joy Krauthammer
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