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Hometown: Tuscany
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Sometimes things happen for no coincidence. This is the story of MUSICA NUDA, the unconventional duo born
from the accidental meeting of Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti.
In 2003 the pair cross paths for the first time: Petra sings and Ferruccio plays double bass in Avion Travel (he
played with them from 1990 to 2006). In that period Petra Magoni plans a mini tour in some of her Tuscany small
clubs, with a frien playing guitar for her. But the day of their first concert together, he gets sick. Petra, instead of
cancelling the date, asks Ferruccio if he feels like covering for him and he promptly accepts.
The concert is such a success that in the span of few weeks the two members of this “Voice’n’bass” combo put up
a full repertoire, made of the songs they love the most, and in half a day they record their first album: “MUSICA
NUDA”, in a studio close to Pisa.
MUSICA NUDA spontaneously becomes the name of their project and of the band itself.
The chemical between them is perfectly clear, but neither Petra and Ferruccio themselves would have ever
imagined to reach so important goals in such a little time: hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad, prestigious
awards (Targa Tenco 2006, best tour for Mei in Faenza, Les quatre clés de Télérama in France), recognition from
fans and medias, tv appearances and radio plays on all main italian and foreign FM stations. It all comes from
constant work and commitment from Petra, Ferruccio and all those who believed in this project over the years,
but mostly thanks to an original, both cultured and popular, simple yet articulated behind the project MUSICA
A bit of jazz, a bit of songwriting, some elements of rock, some punk and the occasional classic vibe. When
“music” is “naked” there are no boundaries, the peculiar sound of Petra and Ferruccio flows into every single
track and brings them all back to a new life, proving that they are a really eclectic combo.
MUSICA NUDA is a brave project, independent, free, almost a modern version of canto con accompagnamento di basso continuo, in uso nel Rinascimento, and it’s also the art of trace music back to its core and find in its inside the ultimate meaning of any track, classical, jazz, pop or soul.
And there’s something else to tell: MUSICA NUDA is the art of enjoying the silence in music, a basic and often
underrated aspect of it, that leads to the true emotion and underline the value or a lyric, a story, the meaning of
every single song, no matter if it’s dramatic, funny, energetic, romantic, sarcastic.
In MUSICA NUDA we have two different yet perfectly complementary artists like Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti, that face each others musically with complicity and sense of humor that stand for themselves.
A voice (Petra’s) that performs great emotions, a double bass (Ferruccio’s) that becomes orchestra.
With easyness, humbleness, commitment, devotion and deep love for past, present and future music, for the
music that’s been forgotten and has to be re-discovered (it’s the case of the successful "Il cammello e il
dromedario" by Virgilio Savona).
In 6 years The pair has produced 3 studio albums:
· “MUSICA NUDA”, recorded in 2003 but released a year later, an album made in one afternoon and close to the 50.000 copies sold
· “MUSICA NUDA 2”, a double album released in 2006, with many special guests like Stefano Bollani,
Fausto Mesolella, Nicola Stilo, Erik Truffaz.
· “MUSICA NUDA 55/21”, released in 2008 for the well known label Blue Note.
EMI Music.
It’s also important to mention “QUAM DILECTA (2006), a sacred music album recorded in the church of San Nicola in Pisa, where Petra used to sing as a child, and “MUSICA NUDA LIVE À FIP”(2007), a live album recorded at the Auditorium de Radio France in Parigi, in February 2007.
In June 2006 the dvd “Musica Nuda – Live in Paris” went out in stores, including a full concert and a beautiful
portrait interview with the two guys.
Taking part to a MUSICA NUDA concert is just like entering a new and unexpected musical and emotional
dimension, where the voice of Petra Magoni and the double bass of Ferruccio Spinetti charm the listener, leading
him in a world of sounds that he will not want to leave.
The setlist for MUSICA NUDA is composed by new songs from last album “COMPLICI”, some classics and great
covers that their audience requests on every live date (Guarda che luna, Il cammello e il dromedario, Come
together) and also unreleased tracks like come Tu, forse non essenzialmente tu by Rino Gaetano or Arrivano i
cinesi by Bruno Lauzi.
MUSICA NUDA tour never really stopped, Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti introduced their project in important festivals all over the world, performing on all the main stages in Italy and in the most prestigious international locations like Paris Olympia Theatre and in all main cities like Madrid, Tunisi, Salzburg, New York, Toronto, Pechino, St Petersburg, Quito in Ecuador, in Holland, in Poland and so on.
They’ve been hosted by the Tanz Wuppertal Festival of Pina Bausch and always in Germany they supported Al
Jarreau with an amazing response from the audience.
At the meantime Petra performed as The Queen Of The Night in “Il Flauto Magico secondo l’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio”, solo voice in the sacred concerts of Duke Ellington with the Big Band of Rome Auditorium and the Choir of Accademia di Santa Cecilia, while Ferruccio produced together with Giovanni Ceccarelli the album “InventaRio”, a musical connection between Italy and Brazil with the guitar player Dadi Carvalho and many special guests like Petra herself, Pacifico, Marisa Monte and Ivan Lins.

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