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Eduardo Betancourt
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Web site:
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Venezuelan musician born in Caracas. With his Venezuelan harp is traveling and showing the World his unique way to give more musicality this instrument. He has offered concerts in several countries like Japan, Colombia, England, Paraguay and The United States. He also has extensive experience, of more than 15 years, researching and playing Venezuelan traditional music.

Betancourt has recorded and played for outstanding national and international artists such as Ilan Chester, Carlos Almenar Otero, Simón Díaz, Oscar D´ León (in the pajarillo song), Luís "PAPO" Márquez (Cuban trumpet player) in a disc to pay tribute to the international acclaimed trumpet player Mr. Arturo Sandoval, Gualberto Ibarreto, Cesar Orozco, Cecilia Todd, Reynaldo Armas, Cristina Maica, Argenis Sánchez, Ronald Punch, Pili Hernández together with Ensamble Gurrufio, Teo Galíndez, Armando Martínez, Rogelio Ortiz, Ismael Querales, Pabellón si Baranda, Rummy Olivo, Cristóbal Jiménez, Vidal Colmenares, Ignacio Rondón, José Ali Nieves, Francisco Montoya, Juan de los Santos Contreras (El Carrrao de Palmarito), Dennys del Río, Alfredo Zerpa, among others.

He had an outstanding participation in the 2006 national tour of the internationally acclaimed Salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa together with Rafael "El Pollo" Brito with whom he plays the Venezuelan pop hit "Una Casita Bella Para Ti".

Betancourt had the honor to record a disc with the renowned pianist Edward Simon in his masterpiece "Venezuelan Suite" along with outstanding Venezuelan musicians like Pablo Gil, Roberto Koch, Huascar Barradas y Jorge Glem. He played the harp and the maracas.

He represented Venezuela at the "First World Festival of the Harp" that took place in the City of Asuncion, Paraguay in 2007. In the same way he participated in the following international events: The IV World Meeting of Harpist "Mishquila de Arpas", held in Santiago del Estero, Argentina; America on Strings Festival held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Roslyn Spectrum (Washington DC) along with the harpist Mr. Mariano González (Paraguay) and Mr. Edmar Castañeda (Colombia).

He currently produces and is member of numerous projects of music fusion in Venezuela like Grupo Tolvaneras, Grupo de Argenis Sánchez "La voz recia de Venezuela", Ismael Queráles y sus Bandolas, grupo de Rafael "El Pollo" Brito, Ronald Punch, Lexestet, 1492, among others.

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Eduardo Betancourt
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