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Budapest Bar
Hometown: Budapest
Web site:
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Budapest Bár was formed by Róbert Farkas (violin) with two musicians he met at the Hungarian Music Academy: Mihály Farkas (cimbalom) and Károly Ökrös (accordion). In their first big project, the band revived the great heritage of the 30's and 40's café music culture of Hungary. They invited 10 of the most interesting underground rock singers of Hungary to join the band to re-wamp some of the most famous Hungarian chanson and film songs from this period.

The idea of a collaboration between rock singers and a gypsy band may sound crazy – but it has proved to be one of those excellent ideas! All invited singers joined the band happily as they see these songs and culture something that is deeply in their souls, traditions and musical heritage. All of them had a grandfather, a mother who loved these songs and who loved gypsy music. Though it was originally planned as a temporary project, Budapest Bár has become a strong community of 4 musicians and 10 singers, who have continued to work together.In March 2010 Róbert Farkas received the Honorary Gold Cross medal of the Hungarian Republic for his artistic achievements and work in the Budapest Bár. At the same time, two singers of the band – András Lovasi and Tibor Kiss – also got honored for their artistic careers.

The musicians of Budapest Bár

Róbert Farkas (violin): he started his musical career in the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra, with which he travelled through the world at a very young age. The openness he gained during his travels drove him to try other than classical musical styles. He has played Balkan, authentic gypsy and rock music as well. Besides the violin, he plays the guitar, piano and accordion. He is a fanatic in everything he does. While he is on holiday it is not unusual that he practices until 5 in the morning on the beach, and he can eat 20 balls of ice-cream when he is in the mood.

Mihály Farkas (cimbalom): Róbert’s best friend (and not his brother!) also studied at the Music Academy and at a young age he was a member of the famous Hungarian Rajkó Orchestra. Besides being a magnificent cimbalom player, he is a dedicated composer and arranges music as well. His music literacy and interest is very colourful. He amazes even the greatest musicians with his perfect pitch and his theoretical knowledge. He is a heroic lover, who is ready to travel to Vienna for a rendez-vous and is never tired to write sentimental poems for his darling – even of doubtful literary value.

Károly Ökrös (accordion): Coming from a family of musicians, he remained here from the good old days. Thanks to his enormous collection of music sheets and all those long nights of playing music, there is no melody he would not know. Instead of talking about Liszt and classical music, Róbert and Károly were mainly talking about old gypsy musicians or bar pianists at the Music Academy. Whether he plays in a small restaurant or in a great concert hall, his love of music always shows. He delivers the newest X-Box games to the band and he has a strong faith in staying in bed as long as possible.

Richárd Farkas (double bass): Contrary to the others, Richárd, the brother of Mihály, didn’t learn the crafts of music in school but from his older friends. Thanks to the numerous rehearsals and concerts, he turned into a great doublebass player. Richárd is the „little baby” of his mother, and apart from the schnitzel of his Mom’s, he doesn’t eat anything else but pizza and kebabs.

Singers: Dóri Behumi, György Ferenczi, Frenk, András Keleti, Tibor Kiss, László Kollár-Klemencz, András Lovasi, Juci Németh, Bori Rutkai, Krisztián Szűcs (detailes coming soon)

One of the most valuable things of the Budapest Bár years is that Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, the greatest figure of Hungarian jazz scene became a friend of the band. He is present on the Hungarian and international stages for decades and has played with the greatest musicians from all over the world. He is a regular guest on Budapest Bár concerts as a pianist.

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Budapest Bar
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