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Shaun Bartlett
Hometown: Plymouth, England
Web site:
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Shaun Bartlett was born in Plymouth, England, son of English father (Trevor) and Norwegian mother (Elin). Due to his dad’s career as a jockey in the 70′s – and 80′s-, Shaun and his brother (Bjørn) grew up on the sunny island Bahrain, unaware that he would be moving to more dynamically seasonal Norway with his mother at the age of ten. A good foundation for any lyricist. The first years in his new homeland, he spent a lot of time in his room, with a steady supply of new musical instruments and blinking lights. He started writing songs already back then, but never with the words “solo artist” in mind. In his early teens Shaun found his peers in Oslo’s suburbia Asker, where he fronted several eminent local bands experimenting in genres ranging from jazzy pop to dynamic hardcore, showing himself as a versatile musician early on. One of his harder bands, Yelp (now retired), created the entire soundtrack for the world’s first ever base jumping film 1st BASE in 1999. The collaboration came back to life once more to make 2nd Base in 2004, and the band ended it’s days reunion-style for a sold out Månefisken in December of 2010.Photo by Brian Sweeney

Anyway … Going back again. Eventually Shaun moved to the capital, Oslo. One night after a band rehearsal had lasted longer than the train timetable for Asker – Oslo, he stayed at the tiny studio/practice room alone, with a plan to get the early morning train back to the city. At the studio, which was located behind the local bakery, were all the essential instruments + recording equipment, ready to use. It took six whole days and nights before the now new-born solo artist got on any trains! With a handful of demos he himself was unprepared for, not to mention a whole new set of goals, purpose and ways of writing songs. These first recordings aka “The Bakery Demos” remain unheard to this day.

Since then Shaun Bartlett has focused 100% on his solo music, live band and performance, in addition to the occasional dayjob ranging from *Mystery Drinker to Café Manager + music for television and film. He now spends more time on his demos than those days in the bakery and has so far taken two albums to the studio and released them through indie label, The Toothfairy Label + done a decent number of concerts with a number of ensembles since his solo debut in 2006. Shaun Bartlett has also supported bands and artists such as Minor Majority, Jonatha Brooke and legendary Leonard Cohen!

Shaun Bartlett
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