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Fryeburg Academy
Hometown: Fryeburg, ME
Web site:
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Our Mission Statement: "Fryeburg Academy is an independent secondary school that serves a widely diverse population of local day students and boarding students from across the nation and around the world. The Academy believes that a strong school community provides the best conditions for learning and growth. Therefore, we strive to create a supportive school environment that promotes respect, tolerance, and cooperation, and prepares students for responsible citizenship. Within this context, the Academy’s challenging and comprehensive academic program, enriched by a varied co-curriculum, provides the knowledge and skills necessary for success in higher education and the workplace."

Our History: Fryeburg Academy is set in a classic New England village, in the foothills of the White Mountains. It is a community offering a sense of belonging to all who come, and a backbone of support to all. It is close to the ocean, rivers, lakes and 800,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, so outdoor activities are limitless, every season of the year.

The magnificent natural surroundings encompass a region rich in culture and entertainment, thanks to thriving local resort towns like North Conway. Living here provides learning opportunities about people from around the globe and from our very own place in the world.

Maintaining a tradition of democracy and academic excellence since 1792, Fryeburg Academy was one of the first schools built in Maine. Fryeburg Academy was also one of the first schools in the United States to accept women.

Originally, school was taught in private homes, until 1777, when money was appropriated to build a schoolhouse. Citizens were interested in more schools being built offering more subjects such as Latin, Greek and English. In 1791, residents from Fryeburg, Brownfield and Conway agreed to support a new school, Fryeburg Academy. The school was incorporated in 1792.

The Academy was known as a “fitting school” for Bowdoin College, focusing on teacher training. For a short time the Academy was also on the way to becoming a medical school, but that soon gave way to its traditional comprehensive education courses – a preparatory school for college and life.

The school was rebuilt in its present location in 1853, and remains one of the region’s finest academic institutions.

Today, Fryeburg Academy has 657 students. Our student population continues to be a mix of students from around the world (school year 2008-2009 – China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Nepal and Rwanda) and students from our local communities (Fryeburg, Brownfield, Denmark, Lovell, Sweden, Stoneham & Stow and additionally, Chatham, NH and Albany Township, ME). The school has been led by Headmaster Dan Lee since 1993. Mr. Lee is a Yale graduate with a master’s degree from Wesleyan University. He has been the President of the Independent School Association of Northern New England and is a tireless advocate for education and youth.

After a fire destroyed The Harvey Dow Gibson Gymnasium on October 12, 2005, the Academy immediately began to raise funds and rebuild both an athletic facility and a performing arts center. The athletic facility, comprised of the Harvey Dow Gibson Recreation Center and the Ada Cram Wadsworth Arena, was opened in June 2007. The Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center just opened in February 2009. Just prior to these two new buildings, the Academy built and opened the Bion R. Cram Library in 2003, and the Eastman Science Center in 1995. The Academy continues to offer a solid and unique education for all students. Besides an outstanding academic curriculum which gives all students ample opportunity for success, the school offers a multitude of athletics, clubs, events, performances and travel to all who wish to participate. Now in its 219th year of education, the Academy continues to be a source of student, faculty, alumni and community pride.

Fryeburg Academy
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