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2001: Long time childhood friends and schoolmates Malte Aarup-Sórensen (Drums), Simon Troelsgaard (Guitar) and Matt Kolstrup (Lead-Vocals) decided to start a band and played their first gig under the name The Black Headed Gulls on March 22, 2001. The gig was at their school with them performing two cover songs. After playing with changing line-ups during rehearsal, in 2002 the three friends joined forces with class mates Cecilie Dyrberg (Keys) and the new guy in the class, the classically trained Poland native Piotrek Wasilewski who got to hold a bass guitar for the first time in his life.

The five young musicians changed their name to Dúné and after Matt bought his first analogue Synthesizer the band started writing their own material strongly inspired by 80’s pop heroes like Depeche Mode, Erasure and local Danish bands.

In 2003 Dúné recorded their first demo CD entitled “Let’s Jump”. The demo achieved critical acclaim in Danish underground magazines foreseeing a bright future for the gang. Playing more and more gigs in and around their native town Skive the band also slowly started building up a local following.

While Simon and Matt went to boarding school the band members left behind in Skive started making friends with two musically likeminded guys from a horse town near Skive. More than happy to escape their bleak, reality Ole Bjórn (Keys) and Danny Jungslund (Guitar) started jamming with the band while Simon and Matt were at home during the weekends.

In December 2003 the band initially brought in Ole Bjórn and Danny as live members, but soon made them full members due to the raw energy and badass attitude the two brought to the more quiet and polite 5 from Skive.

The septet spent every waking hour in their rehearsal room writing new songs and dreaming up their bright future. Slowly, things started happening. In 2004 and 2005 the band released two self-financed EP’s (“Rock, Synth’n’Roll” and “Go Go Robot”) receiving rave reviews in the Danish media and slowly adding both strong indie-rock and electro pop elements to the bands sound. The band started getting attention from the Danish music business and, while playing gigs all over Scandinavia in the time off high school and boarding school, got a reputation as a super intense and highly entertaining live act. After reviewing offers from many different labels, the band decided to create their own record label New Gang Of Robots Rec. as a sister company to the Danish label Iceberg Records.


In December 2006 the band started recording their debut album with British prouder Mark Wills and his Danish counterpart Dan Hougesen. Dúné was invited to play their first single Bloodlines at the annual P3 Gold Awards in October 2006 exposing the band to a mainstream audience. The day after Bloodlines was released it went directly to #1 on all Danish download charts despite being far from mainstream.

The debut album “We Are In There You Are Out Here” was released on May 28, 2007 to critical acclaim and commercial success in Denmark debuting at #9 on the official chart and was soon certified Gold by IFPI Denmark. The band started calling their musical genre ‘indielectrock’ as the songs had a highly original mixture of indie rock with significant electro elements stemming from the two keyboard players. The album contained bonafide hits and crowd favorites such as Dry Lips, Bloodlines and 80 Years. Sony BMG released the album in Europe on October 5 2007 and the band was constantly touring while trying to make it throught high school.

2008 was yet another eventful year for the band. They started out by winning three Danish Music Awards (Group of the Year, Newcomer of the Year & Best Rock-Album), P3 Gold Award (the biggest music prize in Denmark), Carlsberg’s Talent Grant, 2 GAFFA Awards (Best Group and Best Newcomer) and a European Border Breakers Award in Cannes. As the band members graduated from high school the band members relocated to the Danish capital Copenhagen while the touring pace picked up. “We Are In There You Are Out Here” was finally released in Japan by DreamMusic in October 2008.


During the next 6 months the band mixed touring around the world with song writing in Copenhagen. They decided to let the highly acclaimed metal and hard-rock-producer Jacob Hansen produce their second album. Although Dúné and Jacob Hansen seemed to be an odd couple, the recordings went well and after Swede Michael Ilbert (Cardigans etc) mixed the record in the legendary Hansa Tonstudios in Berlin, Dúné released their second album “Enter Metropolis” on August 14 in Europe and on August 29 in their native Denmark to favourable reviews and commercial success debuting at #11 (peaking at #4 in March 2010) and debuting at #44 on the official German album chart. The second album sounded heavier, more experimental and adult than the first record, but still maintained their trademark, youthful energy. The lyrics of “Enter Metropolis” were about leaving your own comfort zone for the unknown Metropolis, where sin and danger are waiting, fear, freedom, the boundless possibilities and, last but not least, the constant longing for home. The newfound freedom also meant questioning authority and praising the possibility to live life based on your own belief – just like “Revolution”, “Get It, Get It” and the party anthem “Final Party Of The 21st Century” describe it.

Straight after finishing “Enter Metropolis” the band decided to move to the German capital Berlin in the summer of 2009 to be in the heart of Europe. From October 2009 to September 2010 the seven friends toured Europe with their Enter Metropolis Tour playing packed clubs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Denmark.


From summer 2007 director Uffe Truust and line-producer Jonas Koop had followed the band closely; filming every move they made. They created the coming of age-documentary “Stages” portraying the band from graduating high school to the struggles writing the second album and moving to Berlin from over 700 hours of footage. The very honest documentary was released in theaters shortly after the release of “Enter Metropolis” and became highly popular, also with people that had never before heard of the band.

In September 2010 Dúné took a break from touring to begin the song writing and demo recordings for their third album, but at first they had to deal with a shaking event. The sole female member and keyboarder Cecilie Dyrberg had decided to leave the band after eight years to focus on her own music and to “live a life outside the band“ she’d been a part of for half of her life. In May 2011, Malte Aarup-Sørensen and Dúné parted ways amicably, leaving the band as a quintet, with Danish session ace Morten Hellborn filling the drum seat for the summer shows and recordings.


At present, the band is in Berlin making a new record. “The third album is a milestone and we know we need to come up with something mindblowing. Rome was not built in a day and we are making sure there is no rush.” says Matt Kolstrup.

The world is ready.

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