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Hometown: Dallas, Texas
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It was hypnotizing. The motionless ballet of the Dallas skyline; you can’t escape it. The streetlights seemed to morph instantly just like the stage lights that electrified the crowd when Advent opened for Metallica, Linkin Park, Mudvayne, and the Deftones at Texas Stadium in the summer of 2004. Advent as a whole is a dominating stage presence that draws you in from the first chord. The live show is one of the best and most well respected in the Dallas, TX music scene. Individually, the members of Advent show the music community what a dramatic piece of art a puzzle can be.

Brandan Narrell, lead vocalist, combines an over the top personality with outlandish crude humor that attracts people from all walks of life. His top of the line vocal range has caught the attention of several critics and fans, including platinum recording artist Drowning Pool, who after the un-timely passing of there front man Dave ‘the stage’ Williams in 2002, asked Brandan to take the reigns. Brandan respectfully declined.

The guitar section, compromised of brothers Josh and Derek Sanders, produces a sound reminiscent of the powerful and driving sevendust groove, decorated with eerie embellishments and the tightness of Kill Switch Engage. The two brothers grim feed off each other, instinctively blending authentic harmonies with a hefty dose of southern metal charm.

Bassist and back up vocalist Vernon Greer injects a monster low end bass that reduces any stage to mere rubble. With a fusion of bluegrass funk and new school metal, he builds the foundation on which Advent stands.

Drummer and sampler Jsonic fits into the puzzle like he was a part of the original die cut. Bringing to the table an uninhibited talent and ambitious beat that could drive Gandhi to war, he spills forth a sound inspired by childhood idol Lars Ulrich from metallica and new age talent Joey Jordison from slipknot.

Advents first EP, ‘The End of the Beginning’ (2004) quickly draws you in and runs the gambit of every raw human emotion. From the angst filled Wound to the moody feel of Fade Away, Advent displayed exactly what it took to win the ‘Scream for me Dallas’ metal album of the year for 2004. ‘End’ has sold over 3000 copies to date and is still a local and regional fav amongst the fans.

Advents most current and highly recognizable album to date, ‘The Lines of Healing’, was released in June of 2006. The album has produced singles ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘Better than Ok’ that have been played on national radio markets including Houston (94.5 the buzz), and Dallas (102.1 the edge). A top 40 radio station in Vernal Utah (channel x94) saw Advents single ‘I’m Sorry’, climb there charts and eventually end up as the number 4 most requested song on the station for the summer of 2007. With widespread popularity amongst the region, channel x94 invited Advent to play the annual summer rock show with Crossfade and Drowning Pool at the Outdoor Western Park Arena in Vernal, UT. With 4000 fans singing ‘I’m Sorry’, Advent knew it could make its mark anywhere desired.

Advent continues to tour regionally, stacking up over 70 shows in 2007 alone. They’ve crossed paths with national acts such as Finger 11, Faktion, Drowning Pool, Tantric, and Crossfade. Advent signed a booking deal in the spring of 2007 with Headliner Artist Group, who is a well respected agency who has a highly respected roster, including the Feds and at one time Bowling for Soup. Advent will stop at nothing to take there music to a national level in 2008 and beyond.

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