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Joey Farr
Hometown: Fort Smith
Web site:
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"I caught a great set with Joey Farr and The Fuggins Wheat Band the other night, and as always, am simply blown away by this band. Joey is a musical animal, and this 3 piece band make more sound than many bands I've seen with twice as many players. How do they do that? Beats me....all I know is that the 3 of them play Rock n Roll like a dozen Mack Trucks rumbling down the highway."

Peter Read - Nightflying Magazine

Joey Farr & The Fuggins Wheat Band (say that one aloud in your best Matthew-McConaughey-from-"Dazed and Confused" drawl — get it?) specializes in funky, crunchy, amp-blowing blues rock with a heaping helping of dank-infused jamming. "Pumpkin Pie" is a paean to good-time gals. "Sugar Magnolia" it ain't, but it's probably most effective for getting those hips swaying at, say, George's Majestic Lounge or Chelsea's Corner Cafe in Eureka Springs. But the band can stretch out comfortably into other genres, as well. Exhibit A: the Latin-tinged "Moons Over El Salvador" or the electro-calypso "León Rugiente."

Robert Bell - Arkansas Times

"It's almost worthless to try to pinpoint the myriad influences on the Round 4 Showcase winners, the technically brilliant and genre-exploding Joey Farr and the Fuggins Wheat Band (though Mr. Bungle, Ween, and Frank Zappa come quickly to mind). Surprisingly, their set was mostly instrumental, allowing guitarist Farr to endlessly explore skillful, effects-drenched noodling that somehow never quite felt as navel-gazing as a too-long jam-band solo. Their songs leapt blissfully between genres — sometimes within the same number. I distinctly recall a Latin-tinged jam that switched effortlessly to Western-swing-picking breakdowns. Some tunes verged on steady-handed white-people blues and reggae, but it never seemed ingratiating and would inevitably showcase the band's adept musicianship — there were at least two of Farr's solos that were met with standing ovations from the judges." - Natalie Elliott and Robert Bell - Arkansas Times

The judges' take on Round 4 winner joey farr & the fuggins wheat band:

Guest judge Stephen Compton: "Unparalleled musical quality, talent in the whole band, cohesive sound and feel."

Epiphany: "Whenever you can get random women to do luau dances and air-drum, you're doing something right."

Clay Fitzpatrick: "I dug it hard. I felt like a space cadet with the blues."

Cheyenne Matthews: "Super super!"

Sammy Williams: "What Santana would sound like if Rob Thomas wasn't ruining it all."

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Joey Farr
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