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The Pomedy Show
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The POMEDY* Show
Comedy and Poetry with a Difference
“Tek Kin Teet, Kibba Hart Bun”

This very successful Jamaican show first toured
in the UK in Autumn 2011 and will be back again during 2012 s poart of the official celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.

A dignified sense of humour has always characterised the resilience of the Jamaican people. Consistent with the Pomedy mantra “Tek Kin Teet, Kibba Hart Bun”, this eclectic blend of poetry and comedy, provides a hilarious event which seeks to excite and inspire, while educating and entertaining: sharing the life and times of Jamaica and the world.

The Pomedy Show equips the audience with the cultural tools to navigate successfully the affairs of the heart, the emotions and the daily challenges of life.

In this hilarious exercise, the great Jamaican sense of humour, which is consistent with the traditional character and personality of Jamaica, is fully employed to very good effect. After all, the fun-loving creativity, perceptiveness and natural intellect of the Jamaican people are evident in our artistic and cultural expressions, and of legendary proportions!

Jamaica’s Edutainment Promotion has joined forces with Learning Links International to stage the show, which is led by Jamaica’s legendary “edutainer” YASUS AFARI, who will bring local talent of comedians and poets into the mix to realise the objectives of “The Pomedy Show” .

Edutainment Promotion and Promoting Our Heritage will produce the staging of The Pomedy Show as joint ventures with theatres and community groups around the UK.

The Pomedy Show is deliberately designed to balance and harmonize this eclectic mix in a happy marriage between poetry and comedy – with a difference. The strategic aim is entertain, or rather ‘edutain’, bringing the real Jamaican experience to empower and energize, inspire and enlighten.

The World Premiere of The Pomedy Show was successfully staged in 2009 in St Elizabeth, Jamaica with much anticipation and since then the show has proved very successful and is highly acclaimed.

The Jamaica Star 04/06/09: “EDUTAINMENT PROMOTION has created yet another very innovative, imaginative and far-sighted concept, presenting an edutaining event that blends the very familiar with the new, thereby creating something which is very ‘now’, trendy and futuristic.
This novel concept/show is called ‘Pomedy’ and it skillfully harmonises poetry, with a difference, and comedy, with a difference, to showcase a recipe which will excite the appetite while satisfying and stimulating the pleasure centres of the lovers of comedy and poetry.”

The Gleaner 28/07/09: An enthusiastic audience warmed to the Pomedy hybrid of poetry and comedy, and there was never a dull moment as each act interacted well with a near full house. Yasus Afari explained: “What wi want to do is ‘poeticise’ comedy and “comedicise” poetry. What Pomedy also does is give poetry another element of commercial viability.”

In light of the overwhelming success and response, The Pomedy Show has now garnered the partnership and support of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) for a joint series of events across the island in Communities and Schools, as an unusual example of Family Fun for All Ages.

YASUS AFARI’s reputation for innovation and effectiveness is well founded and he works with the Edutainment Promotion Team and Learning Links International to develop and showcase his creative talents in a range of different and exciting events that delight audiences around the world.

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The Pomedy Show
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