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Jessica Roemischer
Hometown: Stockbridge, MA
Web site:
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Jessica Roemischer is a pianist, composer, teacher and transformational advisor, who is liberating the human spirit through music. Born into a musical family, Jessica began piano at age six and was improvising and composing from the outset. Her pedagogical lineage through her mother, pianist Miriam Roemischer, links directly to Frederic Chopin and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Captivated by the timeless beauty of Bach, Mozart, and Brahms, Jessica was also a "child of the '60's" (and '70's) and found herself equally as compelled by the soaring harmonies of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the inimitable guitar of Led Zeppelin, and the hypnotic vocalizations of Van Morrison. Learning to play her favorite songs by ear, she simultaneously pursued classical piano studies with Marilyn Sophos and won awards at the Westchester (NY) Symphony and Westchester Conservatory Concerto competitions, among others.

Since graduating magna cum laude in art and aesthetics from Princeton University in 1982, Jessica Roemischer has taught hundreds of students on four continents. From 1989-1999, she was on the Applied Music Faculty of Middlebury College, Vermont. Her wide experience has led to the conviction that the ability to express beauty through music is a dimension of our essential human nature. Having developed an innovative approach to piano duet improvisation, she makes it possible for everyone--regardless of age, background or even the presence of a developmental disability--to access the source of music in him- or herself. As such, her unique approach awakens new pathways for growth, healing and change.

Jessica is particularly interested in how the transcendent power of music can make possible a deeper and higher expression of our humanity. She believes that the integrative effect of music is vital amidst the complex challenges of our time. Cross-cultural reconciliation must occur at a profound level and music can play an important role in that process.

A dedicated teacher, Jessica is training a new generation of musicians, including those whom she instructs at Riverbrook Residence for Women in Stockbridge, MA. Her ground-breaking program at Riverbrook has received support from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Caroline and James Taylor.

In a wide variety of settings--performances, lectures, workshops, consulting and private lessons--she is sharing the catalytic power of music with individuals and groups throughout the United States and internationally.

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Jessica Roemischer
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