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Roger Vigulf
Hometown: Tjoeme
Web site: -
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Roger Vigulf was born in Spjelkavik in West-Norway, and started at Aalesund Music school with Arne Saether
as clarinet teacher. The year after, only 10 years old, he was soloist in Oslo University Hall. Vigulf became
member of the famous Norwegian Youth Band only 12 years old. The youngest ever.
Roger Vigulf studied first 2 years at Buskerud music conservatory with Harald Bergersen, and 3 years as
student at the Eastern Conservatory of Music in Oslo with Tove Bratbak and professor Richard Kjelstrup as
teachers. In 1995, Mr. Vigulf received a schoolarship for studying with Lee Morgan in Copenhagen. Vigulf has
been professional clarinettist since autumn 1989.
As musician, Mr.Vigulf has toured with Vilnius State Quartet around Lithuania and also in Bergen and Oslo. His
solorecital in March 2001 in Lithuania National Philharmonic Hall became a success. In May 2007, Disobedient
Ensemble performed his “7 Disobedient Birds” recorded by the Lithuania Radio Corp.
Roger Vigulf has been soloist with Cicada Quartet, Ametri Quartet, Strings Unlimited, Vilnius State Quartet, and
has also toured in Bosnia-Herzegovina, USA, Sweden, Netherland, Lithuania and Norway. In march 2004 Vigulf
was invited by cellist Mindaugas Backus to perform in Lithuania National Philhamonic Chamber Hall. This
became also a sucsèss with world première by Roger Vigulf and Arvydas Malcys.
In 1995 Mr.Vigulf performed in Oslo Concert House at the contemporary festival Sonus, in 2004 and 2005 he was
engaged as soloist arranged by California State University in Los Angeles.
Mr.Vigulf has been clarinettist in the Disobedient ensemble in Lithuania since 2003, clarinettist in End of Time
International Piano Trio in London, clarinettist and leader of Vestfold Sinfonietta in Norway, and continuing his
work with pianist Geir Henning Braaten. Many international composers has written and dedicated works to Mr.
Vigulf since 1995.
As a orchestra musician, Mr.Vigulf was engaged as principal and e-flat clarinettist in the Norwegian Radio
Orchestra(1994-2002). He has also playd in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra,
Kristiansund Opera/Sinfonietta, Army Band of North-Norway and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.
Coming engagements and his own projects include tour to Sheffield, engagements at the Blaafrost festival in
North-Norway with string orchestra and conductor from Moskow, concert with Vestfold Sinfonietta, tour with
pianist Geir Henning Braaten, solorecital in Kristiansund Opera together with percussionist Kiril Kirilov, soloist
with Chordos string quartet in Logen in Oslo, engagements at the 4th Disobedient International Chambermusic
Festival in Nida/Lithuania, and a planed concert in Wigmore Hall in London. This will be the first performance in
this famous hall ever for a norwegian clarinettist.
Mr.Vigulf has no education as composer. His compositions has been performed in Sweden, Netherland, USA,
Lithuania, Norway and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For the spring 2008, Mr.Vigulf work on a commission from
California State University in Los Angeles. A concerto for clarinet and symphonic band. Vigulf and California
State University Symphonic Band will do the world première, autumn 2008.
Roger Vigulf received in 2006 ”Vestfold Fylkeskommunes Kulturstipend”, ”Norsk Tonekunstnersamfunds
reisestipend” and ”Komponistenes Vederlagsfond”(2007).

Music, Video, Image and Lyric Samples:

rogervigulf05-08_kor_ny.pdf - Concert in Sofienberg church in Oslo 25.5.08

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Roger Vigulf
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