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Ghost Town Jenny
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Ghost Town Jenny is the solo project turned band fronted by multi-instrumentalist & vocalist Kim Kylland. While it is impossible to put the group's music into a certain genre, Ghost Town Jenny have (with their dramatic string arrangements & Kylland's haunting and powerful voice) drawn many comparisons to Florence & The Machine, Björk, & Patsy Cline. Ghost Town Jenny does indeed seem to inhabit the same transcendent, soulful world as those three performers, but still manages to retain a unique sound all her own, effortlessly blending fluttering acoustic ballads with dark atmospheric soundscapes.

Their first release in October 2011, a 5 song EP entitled "The Swan", encompasses everything from huge electronic drum beats backed by shimmering harp and ghostly musical saw, to sonic landscapes laced with the ethereal sound of bells and mournful trumpets. When asked by ('Wicked Games' singer) Chris Isaak to describe her EP's sound, Kylland called it: "cinematic electronic pop, woven together with the dark side of country and soul music..."

GTJ are currently recording their first full length record, to be released sometime in early 2013. Like their EP "The Swan" it dabbles in mixing electronic and organic instruments with huge, soaring vocals, while still delving deeper into the spooky soul music stylings that are quickly becoming their signature sound.


"Ghostly and ethereal, it’s almost impossible to tag the band’s music to a particular genre; but there are certainly parallels to be drawn between the atmospheres and emotions dealt with in The Swan,and Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials." --Alice Simkins, Lunar Music

"Features just the kind of fairytale imagery and spooky yet gorgeous sounds one might hope... Their sound includes danceable tunes that recall Björk and Florence & the Machine, while their simpler strummed ballads make one want to don a whimsical gown and run through the forest on a starry night" -- No Depression Music

“GTJ create a sonic mood that is reminiscent of afternoon light coming through lace curtains, teacups on the porch, and unmade beds." --The San Francisco Guardian

“GTJ inhabit a musical world that is haunting, ever changing and unique; with a vocal style that fluctuates between Björk-esque peaks and the sadness of country crooners from decades past, while still maintaining a distinct quality all her own.” --Let Go Magazine

"Approximations of June Carter Cash-esque country, and a tangled-strings experimentalism that occasionally comes off like a minimalist answer to Andrew Bird.” --The Austin Decider

"Ghost Town Jenny's music hovers between the bright light side and the darker, more mysterious...she is an exciting artist we hope to hear more of.” --The Dark Season Festival, Official Press Release

Ghost Town Jenny
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