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Superbad! A Tribute to James Brown
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World Cafe Live at the Queen bartender Corey Osby has a short yet storied history of delivering critical and commercially successful shows. Having seen countless acts perform there over the years, he knows the building well and has a sense of what works and what an audience craves. His two Rick James Tribute shows sold out weeks in advance and delivered a true multidimensional act that paid real homage to the legacy of Rick James as it included nods to Teena Marie, the Mary Jane Girls and Eddie Murphy. The second show, in fact, helped break a WCL Queen attendance record for sell out shows by a local act. Yet when it came time to think of something new to do - yet equally iconic James Brown seemed a fitting symbol of energy, innovation and massive crossover appeal; but Osby knew he had to think of a twist to make it more interesting than your average tribute show.

Enter Richard Raw, who was tapped by Osby to deliver a hip hop balance to the show. Raw is a fixed and equally driven musician in Wilmington who has a rare combination of talent that includes socio-political awareness, authenticity and hunger that harkens back to the golden age of rap when everyone loved the genre. Having crafted two fantastic CDs and managing to sell out multiple shows on his own, the rapper is poised to breakthrough and this just might be the platform to do it. Considering that hip hop is deeply rooted in James Brown samples, Raw has a plethora of material to present that may just be a first in live music tying directly to the soul legend.

To round out the soul, energy and signature that James Brown is globally known for, Osby and Raw sought local R&B band 'To The Max' who is already very familiar with several James Brown songs as many of them are already included on their set lists. The 10 piece band which includes keys, guitar, bass, drums, 4 horns, percussion and 3 singers is well established in the area and have been playing together for years in just about every kind of professional venue and setting you can imagine. They jumped at the chance to work with Osby and Raw as they saw first-hand the overwhelmingly positive reaction of the Rick James Tribute shows and knew of the strong reputation Richard Raw has. So on October 10, 2014, all will be laid to bear as the trio of acts descend on the Queen with a single show that is poised to be one of the best if not the hardest working show the city has ever seen.

Superbad! A Tribute to James Brown
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