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Hometown: Oakland/Los Angeles CA
Web site:
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HYIM’s music is pop/rock world fusion with a twist of urban flavor - sounds like Coldplay, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Manu Chao and Dave Matthews - music influences include Bob Marley, Peter Gabriel, Chopin, Bob Dylan, Chris Martin and his dad.

Born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, California, HYIM is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, producer, pianist, performer, poet and activist. He is the next generation’s music “fusionisto.” The San Francisco Chronicle called HYIM “a formidable talent… spellbinding.” HYIM’s current album is “Sex In The Morning” – an international exploration of the sacred erotic, available on iTunes,, Best Buy stores in CA and A California Music Awards nominee, HYIM is also recognized as a Yamaha Sponsored Artist and once again, as a KFOG Radio Local Scene Artist. HYIM’s “Elation” track from his current album, played on KFOG, is featured on the KFOG Local Scene CD, raising money for music in the schools.

HYIM began playing piano at age three and studied sitar in India, clave in Cuba and classical guitar in New Zealand. He also studied Turkish rhythms, Persian poetry and the Torah and blends the rhythms of the world as chariots for his songs. HYIM provided the score for the short film, "Two Birds," directed by Juan Jose Rivera and winner of the San Francisco Latino Film Festival jury award for Best Emerging Latino Filmmaker 2006. That same year, he held a Five-Day Fast and Chain Vigil for Peace and Education, calling into question the economic sense of investing in war as opposed to our children. In 2007, HYIM performed in Poland for the historic Memory and Tolerance event, and upon his return, he and his band played on the world-famous Stern Grove Festival Stage in San Francisco. In 2008, HYIM scored a film for the United Nations about the World Heritage Sites and performed at a large charity event for children in Cali, Colombia.

HYIM’s international style appeals to both American pop enthusiasts and global audiences alike. “Music is a sensual way I can touch people without actually being there,” HYIM explains. HYIM’s breathy, mellifluous vocals have drawn comparisons to Sting, Peter Gabriel, Beck, The Fray and Dave Matthews.

The power of HYIM’s ability to command the stage as an intimate solo performer, singing and telling stories sitting at the piano or accompanying himself with live percussion loops and keyboard sequencing, is equaled to his exuberant live full band shows. Whether bringing a trio, quartet, or full band with horns and dynamite percussionists, HYIM’s band is an intoxicating mix of uplifting unifying energy and a downright party vibe. HYIM’s ability to shine in both intimate solo venues and large dance arenas with his band further illustrates his sheer stage presence, versatility, and showmanship.

Performing locally, nationally, and internationally, HYIM’s music and spirit know no bounds, and as the sounds spread and take flight, as he touches hearts and the world watches, bodies are moved, and audiences applaud, wanting more and more. HYIM will release his pop digital single, "Ten Thousand Words," fall 2012. He is now working on a number of production projects, film scores, and his own “Love Songs in Times of War” album due out in 2013, as well as performing live solo and band shows.   

Reviews - “Sex In The Morning” CD
HYIM Spreads His Wings
by DJ Ken
I expected big things from Hyim after hearing (and seeing) the video for "Elation". The positive vibe that runs through "Elation" permeates the entire album. Hyim doesn't take himself too seriously; the "... enough about me, what do you think of me" line offers ample proof. There's a breezy familiarity to the music... you've heard music like it, but you're not sure where. To me, that's a good thing. Lyrically, the songs are unique; with a song like "Contact", with its talk of texting and constantly being online, the knee-jerk reaction is to assume that Hyim is merely trying to reach a younger demographic. Instead, "Contact" is a lament against the lack of human interaction; it's my favorite track on the album, and it's the song that challenges Hyim vocally. He's up to the challenge.
This is a diverse mix of tunes, what you'd imagine John Lennon might put out after a year of listening to world beat, ska, and smoking a healthy amount of plant life. In a world where every popular song is over-produced and completely computer generated, "Sex In The Morning" provides a welcome alternative.

….this is a polished release with hints of samba, reggae, and funk, and witty lyrics (self-released) – East Bay Express

Hyim is a formidable talent...spellbinding. - San Francisco Chronicle

An emerging talent worthy of the designation of world musician. (Check 'em out if you like Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Manu Chao.) - Village Voice Media NYC

Hyim's music holds a rare gravity...and it is clear that he possesses a grand vision. - Relix

This multi-talented singer-songwriter is a natural: original, honest, timeless. - Owl Magazine

Hyim's soulful vocals and warm positivity in his songs left a deep, lasting impression. Hyim is certainly a masterful keys player. - High Sierra Music Festival

Hyim sounded like nothing heard before. Hyim's enthusiasm and passion for the music is performed with ease and grace as he and the audience boogies down. - U of OR

*Produced, composed, mixed, engineered and released three albums to date:
Let Out A Little Peace
Hyim and The Fat Foakland Orchestra
Sex In The Morning
(Upcoming Ballads album)
*KFOG Radio Local Scene Artist
*Scored short film for the United Nations Foundation
*Produced children’s album
*Performed with band, Hyim and The Fat Foakland Orchestra, for the 60th Annual Stern Grove Festival, San Francisco
*Invited to perform in Poland for Memory and Tolerance Weekend
Volunteer Performer for Bread and Roses
*Change A Come selected for UC Berkeley Caltopia compilation CD
*Selected for the San Francisco Chronicle Local Bands Channel
*Invited to perform in Poland for Memory and Tolerance Weekend
*Volunteer Performer for Bread and Roses
*Yamaha Sponsored Artist
*California Music Awards Nominee
*HeadCount Emerging Artist
*Annual Daniel Pearl Music Days Show
*Scored Two Birds, a short film for International Latino Film Festival 2006
*Oakland Indie Awards Nominee
*Scored La Cita, short film
*Evolution licensed by PricewaterhouseCoopers UK
*Performed at the San Francisco Weekly Music Awards
*Let Out A Little Peace featured on the SF Weekly Music Awards CD
*Composed song with school children for the Bill Graham Foundation’s Literacy Through Music Program (Hyim’s Happy Birthday!)
*Let Out A Little Peace in the Top Ten for vocal, songwriting and production in The Recording Academy’s Demo Derby
*2-page Spotlight feature in Phish Issue of Relix magazine
*Hyim and The Fat Foakland Orchestra listed in New Times Publications across the country for Top 10 Best Albums of 2005
*Member ASCAP
*Member The Recording Academy

Management by Linda Yelnick
San Francisco Bay Area
Phone/Fax 650.692.1763
Cell 650.346.0436
Going Green is Sexy!

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