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Ruby James
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Web site:
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Desert Rose .... something earthy and unexpected, that brightens the landscape with its deep tones and originality. Something that surprises and tantalizes you with its beauty and roots firmly planted in a sometimes harsh terrain. Something you happen across by chance and will never forget. Desert Rose... that is artist Ruby James.

Ruby James follows in her grandfather's footsteps as a nomadic traveler with a passion for music. From her earliest years, a wanderlust singer-songwriter, inspired and undaunted by the harsh realities and rewards of a life on the road, was born.

Ruby burst onto the music scene as a solo artist in 2006 with the release of her EP Sweet as Sin, immediately captivating critics and crowds, with moxie and sophistication and a kick ass stage show, leaving a swarm of heady fans in her wake. Whether it be on her own or sharing stages with Jackson Browne, Jane Weidlin, Soul Asylum, 7Mary3, War and Fastball, Ruby James is often compared to legendary icons Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow and Chrissy Hynde. Humbly aware, she is committed to and succeeding at blazing her own unique trail through modern rock.

Desert Rose, the new album from Ruby James unites producer John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Reel Big Fish) and string virtuoso, Rene Reyes (Act of Faith, Green Car Motel and film and soundtrack producer for Collateral, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Saving Silverman, Man in the Chair), with whom she co-wrote all but two of the tracks. The album also features acclaimed artists Mitch Marine (touring and drumming for Dwight Yokum and Smash Mouth), Billy V. Malpede (music scores for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Runaway Jury, Entrapment and Urban Legend), and organist Mike Bolger (Beck).

Ever the wanderlust, Ruby James has already begun working on a new project, The Austin Sessions, a collaborative effort with music icons Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, The Arc Angels, and The Sextones), and brother Will Sexton (Waylon Jennings, Dave Baerwald and Abra Moore), who bring their legendary classic sound to the innovative talent of Ruby James both as producers and playing on the tracks.

Ruby has several song placements from the Desert Rose album, including “Everything Good Goes Away” in the upcoming movie “The Women” starring Meg Ryan, “The Words Good Bye” in “American Violet”, and “Mistress of the Devil” in the documentary, “The Last DJ”.
With the desert winds at her back, Ruby James is already gearing up for a radio promotion tour, which will take her from Nashville to Los Angeles and back to wherever a nomad can call home. With a voice that revs you and melts you, all at the same time, Ruby James is quickly blossoming in the musical landscape, one stop at a time, forever imprinting it with her original, colorful, unexpected tones... A true Desert Rose.

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Ruby James
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