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Phoebe Hunt
Hometown: Austin, TX
Web site:
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Phoebe Hunt loves to learn. Whether she is learning a tune, taking a yoga class, reading a novel, painting her room, changing a tire, or engaged in an interesting conversation with a stranger, if she is learning, she is happy. If you see her, she is probably engaged in what she is doing and buzzing around, getting all those around her excited about it too. That is because she can meet no stranger. New people, new ideas, new ways of living and new ways of learning stimulate her. She is the kind of girl that reminds you of your cousin or your best friend. People just feel like they know her, somehow. So, ever since she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in History and Spanish in 2006, she has been sitting in a white van with her band of five 21 year old boys traveling around the country and playing music. The band? It's called The Belleville Outfit and the Boston Globe says of it's sound: "Mix hot-saucy Texas honky-tonk, city-slicker indie pop, jam grass mischief, cool jazz and big-band swing, and you've about half described this hot Austin band". Phoebe may be taking time away from continuing her formal education, but she sure is learning a lot out there on the road. Along with many life lessons, she is now learning alternative styles of violining, from swing and jazz to bluegrass and country which have always been foreign to her classically trained ears. Phoebe says about music "It is one of the greatest teachers in life. No matter how much you learn, there is always more to understand. It is an ocean that I want to swim in for the rest of my life!" She loves the World Music Days and the celebration of Daniel Pearl's life because it brings us together through the part of our lives we cherish so deeply. Daniel's life story is a reminder to us that life is a gift, and that music is an expression of that gift. She says "Music of every culture serves the same purpose: It is a universal language that touches the soul more deeply than any other form of expression."

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Phoebe Hunt
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